Dec 10, 2010

Trimble Acquires Tata AutoComp Mobility Telematics from Tata AutoComp Systems in India to Expand its Mobile Solutions

SUNNYVALE, Calif — Trimble announced that it has acquired Tata AutoComp Mobility Telematics Limited (TMT), a wholly-owned company of Tata AutoComp Systems Limited of Pune, India. TMT is a leading provider of telematics solutions and Mobile Resource Management (MRM) services in India and serves large customers such as Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. as well as Tata Group companies such as Tata Motors. The acquisition is expected to expand Trimble's MRM solutions portfolio and allow the company to better address markets in India. Financial terms were not disclosed.

TMT solutions are marketed under the "trako" brand. In addition to providing vehicle tracking, TMT offers a broad range of specialty telematics solutions including: school bus applications that provide location information to parents via the Internet and SMS; bus tracking for state transport and city transportation services that provide online tracking information to bus operators and dynamic expected time-of-arrival forecasts on LED displays at bus stops, over the Internet and on mobile phones; cargo management for logistics supply chain organizations to track and integrate vehicle location data with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for on-road visibility of cargo; dispatch management for emergency service vehicles such as ambulance and fire; waste truck management applications for municipal corporations, environment management companies and waste carriers that track their collection and service vehicles and monitor waste pick-up schedules by geo-coding waste bins.

R S Thakur, executive director and CEO of Tata AutoComp Systems Limited said, "Tata AutoComp has devised its growth strategy for the period up to 2020. The TMT decision is in sync with our strategy to focus and strengthen our core business areas. When deliberating our options for TMT, including a new home for TMT, we were convinced that Trimble was the right choice given its worldwide position and service record in MRM. We are confident that all the customers of TMT, including various Tata companies, will continue to benefit from the TMT ownership by Trimble."

"The TMT acquisition broadens Trimble's portfolio of telematics and MRM solutions and underscores our commitment to the Indian market," said Bryn Fosburgh, Trimble vice president. "We look forward to building on the solid foundation that Tata AutoComp Systems and TMT have created as we expand Trimble's presence in India."

The TMT business will be reported as part of the Mobile Solutions segment.