Dec 14, 2010

TORUS 2.0 Roundabout Design Software Launches

New version now includes roundabout 3D grading modeling.

Vancouver, BC, Canada: Transoft Solutions Inc, developers of industry-leading software for the engineering community has released the latest version of TORUS, CAD software for efficient roundabout planning and design. Officially designated as TORUS 2.0, the new release provides transportation engineers and planners the ability to do 3D road surface grading modeling to analyze drainage patterns together with a host of new features for improved performance when generating roundabout layouts.

“Based on user feedback and on our own engineering research, TORUS 2.0 now comes with more tools that enhance the quality of a roundabout design while saving a tremendous deal of time for users,” said Transoft Solutions Vice President of Product Management, Daniel Shihundu, P.Eng., “As an engineering software company on the forefront of innovation, we made it our utmost priority to update TORUS with functionality that will provide engineers the maximum amount of benefits so they can achieve better results for their roundabout layouts.”

The 3D surfacing grading feature with the ability to export to LandXML applications marks a significant step in positioning TORUS as a complete program for engineers to develop roundabouts. Designers can edit the grading model to represent the roundabout's crown alignments and cross-slopes to evaluate the high and low points in a three dimensional way to ensure proper water runoff and safety issues. Other TORUS 2.0 new features focus on the design geometrics and include the following:
• Ability to specify vehicle entry curves at multilane roundabout entrances
• Perform vehicle drive path overlap analysis on multilane roundabouts
• Vehicle high speed entry reduction treatment using successive curves on approaches
• In-built roundabout design analysis and conditions checks

As in the original release, TORUS 2.0 uses the patent pending Vehicle Envelope Method of design which integrates the proven AutoTURN swept path engine to aid in the generation of roundabout geometry. This technology minimizes iteration cycles in the design process while also incorporating speed, design vehicle, and sight distance checks.

“When we started working on the concept of a roundabout design program back in 2007, we never imagined the absolutely positive reaction the industry would have, “ concluded Mr. Shihundu, “TORUS has exceeded all of the expectations we initially set out and the current release is well on its way to becoming the new standard.”