Dec 6, 2010

Tata Technologies and vdR Group Inc. to Develop Partrieve Product Data Intelligence Solution

New search and discovery tool enhances the value of engineering and manufacturing data.

Novi, Mich – Tata Technologies, a provider of Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO), Enterprise Solutions services, and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM); and The vdR Group Inc., a provider of integration and solution technologies for manufacturing and engineering organizations, today announced the companies have entered into an agreement to develop, sell and deliver Partrieve, a product data intelligence solution.
Partrieve is a browser-based solution that provides a single point of access for all enterprise applications and repositories including PDM/PLM, ERP, ECM, Microsoft SharePoint, and simple file structures. Users and consumers can quickly search, find, and retrieve database, document, and drawing content without needing to know in which application and/or repository it resides.

The Partrieve solution is based on The vdR Group flagship Adaptive Taxonomy Mapping (ATM) technology that provides a robust data parsing and mapping platform that can normalize data from various CAD, electronic content management (ECM), ERP, and PDM/PLM applications. This platform is specifically designed to treat the diversity of data found in manufacturing and engineering environments such as drawings, parts and assemblies.

Both Tata Technologies and the The vdR Group are established industry leaders committed to delivering quality solutions for the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market. Tata Technologies has deep domain expertise in the sales and delivery of PLM-related services and solutions. The vdR Group develops and licenses various integration technologies.

“Tata Technologies’ goal is to continue to help clients become better and deliver a high level of customer value,” said Dan Miles, Tata Technologies Vice President – iProducts. "Increasingly, our customers are looking for solutions that can ‘glue’ their various applications and repositories into much more than the sum of the disparate parts. This partnership will enable us to deliver just that.”
“It is clear to us that companies want open and universal access to their data. Consumers in the enterprise want one place to go to get what they need. Be it a specification, CAD drawing, assembly information or customer support history,” said Martin van der Roest, president of The vdR Group. “We have developed relevant technology that is vendor agnostic. Tata Technologies is the perfect partner that pursues solutions and enabling products best suited to meet the needs of their customers. We are excited about combining what we both do best and amplifying this solution-centric focus.”

Key feature highlights of Partrieve include access to content in over 300 files formats, all major CAD file formats and numerous electronic content management (ECM), product lifecycle (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms. Additionally, users have the ability to leverage dynamic category structures, visibility into “where used” and “composed of” relationships, and view CAD drawings without requiring vendor specific applications.