Dec 8, 2010

Schott Systeme Showcases Their Latest CAD/CAM at the EuroMold 2010

Frankfurt – German CAD/CAM software developer Schott Systeme GmbH has used this year’s EuroMold exhibition to showcase their latest CAD/CAM software release to leading mold makers. Schott Systeme’s close ties with the event organisers also saw the company being invited to present a 30 minute live software demonstration to the ‘Design and Engineering Forum’.

The design and engineering forum provides visitors with an opportunity to witness many of the very latest emerging technologies in the area of design and manufacturing. This year’s presentation from Schott Systeme focused on the ability to utilise their ‘Pictures by PC’ CAD/CAM software for the complete process of product design, manufacturing and marketing. Demonstrated live, Pictures by PC was used to take rudimentary designer pencil sketches, and transform these into 3D CAD prototypes (the design being a roll on deodorant). Advanced hybrid solid, surface and mesh modelling tools provided a high level of flexibility helping the designer to concentrate on the form rather than the CAD tools. Seldom found within CAD systems, the attendees also witnessed the creation of graphic design for product packaging and corporate logos. Aligning the product to the EuroMold visitors, Pictures by PC was also used to create the actual mould tools for product production, as well as the finished machining. This integrated CAM functionality includes milling up to 5 axis, engraving, wire cutting and turning. Finally from a marketing perspective, the design was then rendered and professional quality animations generated to help sell the finished product.