Dec 15, 2010

RTT Supports China’s High-Speed Train Industry

Immersive VR Display System facilitates Design Reviews, reduces Physical Prototypes.

Shanghai — CSR Sifang Locomotive Co., Ltd. built Asia's largest high-end immersive virtual reality display system at its R&D center in Qingdao for design and manufacturing reviews. Given RTT’s experience of cutting-edge technology and industry recognition, CSR Sifang selected RTT to provide software solutions (RTT DeltaGen, RTT Scale and RTT Immersive) and consulting services to help implement the virtual reality review system, which can be used for design reviews of high-speed trains and to achieve high-performance photorealistic and physically correct realtime images of their extremely complex product designs, for which the models contain extremely large data sets.

With the virtual reality review system, CSR Sifang greatly reduced its dependence on physical prototypes. The manufacturer can also conduct substantially more design reviews and analyze more product configurations than was possible with physical models, enabling faster and better-informed decision making.
Ricardo Fuchs, Managing Director of RTT’s Asia Pacific operations explains: “Asia Pacific is an important growth market for RTT, and this milestone project with CSR Sifang Locomotive reinforces RTT’s credibility as a reliable business partner in the Chinese market. It is very exciting to be part of this successful application of virtual reality in such a young high-technology industry with great ambitions. It’s gratifying to know that RTT is instrumental in helping shape global designs. Virtual reality has arrived in China to support the shift of Chinese manufacturing industry to higher levels of efficiency and added value.”

CSR Sifang Locomotive Co., Ltd. is the leading Chinese state-owned manufacturer of passenger rail systems: high-speed trains with cutting edge high-end design, subway systems and other rail passenger systems and support infrastructure. The company sells most of its transportation solutions in China and is aggressively developing its overseas export markets. Its high-speed trains achieved a sustained operating speed of 350 km per hour, more than any foreign competitor.