Dec 15, 2010

Richard Mohr Returns to Intermap Technologies as Chief Financial Officer

DENVER: Intermap Technologies, a worldwide 3D digital mapping and geospatial solutions company, today announced Richard Mohr will rejoin the organization as chief financial officer and senior vice president effective January 1, 2011. Richard had previously worked for Intermap from 2003 until 2010 and served as the Company’s chief financial officer during that period.

“Richard’s return to Intermap is well timed and he has kept abreast of the Company’s operations, financial status, and restructuring efforts since his departure earlier this year,” said Todd Oseth, president & CEO for Intermap Technologies. “Most importantly, having served with the Company previously for more than 7 years, Richard is thoroughly familiar with Intermap’s financial operations, capitalization, investor base and the NEXTMap opportunity. His background and expertise, both within the industry and the Company, will be extremely valuable for us moving forward. Intermap’s board of directors feel Mr. Mohr’s previous tenure provides the experience and product familiarity necessary to ensure the successful fiscal transition from an engineering and production company to a customer- and market-driven organization. Additionally, I am personally pleased to work with Richard again as he served in the CFO capacity for several years at two previous companies that I was a part of, DataPlay, Inc. and Ramtron International Corporation.”

“I’m excited at the opportunity to rejoin the Intermap team and help move the company forward at this juncture in its history,” commented Richard Mohr, Intermap’s new chief financial officer. “I remain optimistic about the tremendous opportunities that are available to the Company and the value that can be created for our customers and investors.”