Dec 10, 2010

Open Design Alliance Announces Teigha™ Viewer

Phoenix, AZ – The Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the release of the new Teigha™ Viewer. Teigha Viewer is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS and will allow users to view .dwg files as well as .dgn files.

Teigha Viewer is based on release 3.4 of Teigha, the technology platform which allows ODA members to develop a wide range of technical graphics applications. Teigha Viewer is available for download by the general public as an executable, with ODA members getting additional access to the source code.

ODA Chief Technology Officer Neil Peterson stated: “The ODA development team was excited when asked to develop this application. We undertook the project with three goals in mind. First was to develop a cross-platform rendering application with a clean architecture that would demonstrate some of the major capabilities of the Teigha platform. Second, we wanted to create a replacement for the outdated LX-Viewer for the Linux community. Finally, Teigha Viewer can be used as a test container application for end-users who are building Teigha Extension (TX) modules via the ODA’s TX SDK. We have met these goals with this initial release of Teigha Viewer, and we plan to improve and enhance this application based on feedback from users.”