Dec 13, 2010

ODA Announces Teigha™ Xtension (TX) SDK

Phoenix: The Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the release of the new Teigha™ Xtension (TX) SDK, a free C++ SDK that allows users to create Teigha Xtension modules for use with a Teigha for .dwg files host application. The SDK is intended for CAD end-users as well as third-party component developers who are interested in writing custom applications for Teigha-based CAD systems.

TX modules can create custom commands that can be registered on the global command stack, create full-featured custom objects, and access and manipulate data loaded from a .dwg file. A standard TX module can be utilized by any Teigha-based application, making it a powerful tool for third-party application developers who want to create solutions that target multiple vendors.

ODA Chief Technology Officer Neil Peterson stated: “When we introduced the DRX SDK several years ago it was an instantaneous success. With the introduction of the new Teigha platform earlier this year we decided to rebrand the DRX SDK as the new Teigha Xtension (TX) SDK. In addition, we recently introduced the new Teigha Viewer which can be used as a test container for TX modules (available for free public download at http://www.opendesign.com/teigha_viewer). TX modules can also be developed using any one of the third-party Teigha-based host application available from ODA members. We are pleased to be offering this increasingly sophisticated set of tools for TX application developers.”

The Teigha Xtension (TX) SDK is available for public download at http://www.opendesign.com/tx_sdk.