Dec 6, 2010

New ShipConstructor Subscription Advantage Pack

ShipConstructor Software Inc. (SSI) has launched a Subscription Advantage Pack program which allows customers to improve productivity and competiveness by gaining early access to new features and functionality. It also gives access to productivity enhancing tools that may never become part of the core software package.

The Advantage Pack is a new enhancement to the ShipConstructor annual Subscription program for upgrades, maintenance and support. A Subscription provides customers with technical assistance as well as downloadable upgrades, hot fixes and patches to ensure that subscribers always have access to the latest version of the software.

The Advantage Pack is a special new benefit that is only available to customers with active subscriptions. It allows them to utilize new features that have not been released to the general public. This enables subscribers to help influence the development of ShipConstructor software and provides competitive advantages by enabling subscribers to stay on the leading edge of the industry.

In the coming year, ShipConstructor plans to offer several features as part of the Subscription Advantage Pack. Some of these planned features include:

Part View. This feature will allow any ShipConstructor part or portion of the model to be viewed in any type of drawing. It will let a user view only the information required (and no more), when performing a task. This will reduce rework caused by collisions created in the 3D model. In contrast to using the current ShipConstructor M-Link technology, this can also greatly increase performance. Additionally it could be used to bring additional information into ShipConstructor production output for reference.

Project Explorer. Project Explorer is a new feature to allow lightweight navigation of a ShipConstructor project. Project Explorer will be a new palette allowing users to quickly view, open, and switch between project drawings. This means designers and drafters will spend less time looking for drawings and more time on higher value activities.

Automatic dimensioning. This is the first iteration of a new feature intended to speed up dimension detailing in production drawings by leveraging AutoCAD’s Quick Dimensioning function within the ShipConstructor environment. This technology preview will allow SSI to further develop this capability to the exacting requirements of our clients.