Dec 7, 2010

Materialise Dental and Zimmer Dental establish partnership

Materialise Dental announced today that it has established a partnership with Zimmer Dental. As a result of this partnership, a jointly developed and integrated guided implant surgery solution is now available on the market.

Harold C. Flynn, Jr. President, Zimmer Dental: “Our new partnership is valuable in that we can now offer our customers the possibility to plan their surgeries with SimPlant® dental implant treatment planning software, and safely and accurately meet their patients’ implant needs thanks to our Zimmer Guided Surgery Instrumentation and the compatible Materialise Dental SAFE SurgiGuide® solution. Our partner stands strong not only in the field of computer guided implant dentistry, but also customer service – it’s those added values that make Materialise Dental a solid and reliable partner for us. Through this partnership, our customers gain access to an all-encompassing guided surgery solution comprising software, simple instrumentation, and implants”

The innovative Zimmer Guided Surgery Instrumentation is used in conjunction with the Tapered Screw-Vent® Surgical Kit and offers clinicians a streamlined, flexible, and efficient way to aid in more precise implant site preparation—allowing for improved clinical outcomes. It accommodates both traditional and guided surgery procedures, and allows for depth control, drill orientation, and enhanced positional and angulation control.

Materialise Dental leads the market in computer guided implant dentistry. Its SimPlant® technology has been around for nearly two decades, and provides a fully integrated implant treatment planning tool. SimPlant® has been designed to be user friendly and easy to work with. It guides dental professionals step by step during their implant planning and allows them to plan an implant case with ease and confidence. Planning in 3D helps clinicians achieve top esthetic results, and communicate in a crystal clear visual way to all parties involved.

The Materialise Dental SAFE SurgiGuide® solution is used with a brand specific guided surgery kit. It provides drill guidance, guided implant placement and full depth control. Used in conjunction with SimPlant® implant planning software, SAFE SurgiGuide® offers a user friendly tool for increased accuracy and predictability in implant surgery. Zimmer Dental now offers its customers the possibility to plan their surgeries in SimPlant® and perform guided surgery with its SAFE compatible Zimmer Guided Surgery Instrumentation.

Bart Swaelens, CEO of Materialise Dental: “We are proud to partner with Zimmer Dental, as it is one of the largest and most innovative and respected players in the dental implant market today. This is yet another partnership that is in line with our compatibility strategy, allowing our customers the freedom and flexibility to not only continue using their favorite implant brands and scanning equipment, but also their preferred surgical instrumentation.”