Dec 19, 2010

Luxology's modo 501 Offers Pixar Subdivision Surfaces

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif – Luxology today announced support for Pixar's industry-standard Subdivision Surface (SDS) representation in the just-released modo 501. This new SDS geometry provides modo 501 users with several advantages including semi-sharp creasing, multi-res sculpting and greater file compatibility for transfer to other 3D applications.

"It's great that modo has embraced Pixar's Subdivision Surface representation. We feel this is the most efficient way to represent geometry," said Bill Polson, Pixar's Director of Industry Strategy. "We've worked with the modo engineers to verify the accuracy of their implementation and it seems bulletproof. All of our test cases have rendered perfectly."

"Luxology’s focus has always been on making modo’s modeling capabilities best in class,” said Brad Peebler, president and co-founder of Luxology. “Our users have been requesting Pixar Subdivision Surface modeling for years and we are thrilled to be able to fulfill that need by including them in modo 501.”