Dec 10, 2010

Leading companies' successful deployment of MSC.Software's SimManager for Simulation Data Management showcased at NAFEMS Conference

Simulation Process and Data Management deployments in Automotive, Aerospace and Industrial companies were presented to 62 leading companies at the first NAFEMS European SDM conference.

SANTA ANA, CA - MSC.Software Corporatio has announced that 62 companies and research institutes participated in the first ever NAFEMS Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) Conference in Europe on November 24th & 25th, 2010.

Leading European companies including Alenia, Audi, BMW, PSA, Tetra Pak and Airbus described how they were successfully making the transition to Simulation-Based Product Development and Testing underpinned by MSC's industry-leading SimManager Simulation Process and Data Management solution.

Attendees learned how Audi is making a multi-million euro return on their SimManager investment which has enabled productivity gains, cost savings and real-time collaboration with partners. Audi engineers and partner staff now run up to 1,000 simulations per day to refine the design of their vehicles and assure the safety of occupants and pedestrians alike. Audi manages the results of 500,000 vehicle simulations in a single SimManager database as well as hundreds of terabytes of data. Audi now manages the activities of 14 simulation disciplines with SimManager, which also provides the Audit Trail connecting the results through the simulation processes to the input data and vehicle variant.

BMW, who has a decade of production experience on the SimManager platform, announced that they will move to the SimManager Automotive Solution, the next-generation platform that directly addresses the requirements of an Automotive OEM to manage the major simulation disciplines of Safety, Durability and Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH). "The Automotive Solution enables an Automotive OEM to rapidly deploy an effective system to manage their simulation processes and data while increasing productivity," said Michael Schlenkrich, SimManager Product Manager at MSC.Software.

Tetra Pak authored a paper which explains how an organization in the process industry with a medium sized simulation team could deploy and gain benefit from Simulation Process and Data Management with SimManager. The Tetra Pak deployment shows the wide applicability of Simulation Process and Data Management across industry sectors and sizes of organizations.

Airbus explained how they have deployed SimManager to conduct Virtual Testing of High Lift Devices, ensuring the safety and performance of aircraft while reducing development costs.

This Conference was organized by NAFEMS, an independent not-for-profit body with the sole aim of promoting the effective use of engineering simulation methods. NAFEMS is supporting its industrial members with a range of activities to advance the state of the art of Simulation including the management of Simulation Processes and Data.

"Simulation Process and Data Management solutions are now available for use by a wide range of companies to enable them to increase productivity and manage this business critical information in a professional manner," explained Tim Morris CEO of NAFEMS. "In order to enable our member's, and the wider analysis community in this area, to leverage maximum business benefits from these solutions, NAFEMS has set up a Simulation Process and Data Management Working Group, which draws on the skills and experience of several industry experts from a number of multi-national corporations. Our aim is to support our members evaluation and adoption of this technology."

"SimManager 2010 is a web-based SPDM system which enables double digit increases in simulation productivity and provides the traceability of results essential for business decisions and for regulatory compliance," said Albrecht Pfaff, Vice-President of the SimManager Business Unit at MSC.Software. "We are proud that such leading companies as Audi, BMW, Tetra Pak and Airbus have chosen both SimManager and our professional services teams to support the management of their Virtual Product Development activities."