Dec 6, 2010

ESPRIT World Conference 2011 at Miami

Hosted this year from May 23 to 27 in Miami, Fla., ESPRIT World Conference 2011 is a valuable opportunity to gain technical skill and increase productivity while sharing ideas and strengthening connections with the worldwide ESPRIT community.

With 30 hours of hands-on technical training, dynamic speakers who really know the machining industry and the opportunity to network with peers, industry experts and ESPRIT engineers, this comprehensive conference is a convenient forum for learning how to program more productively.

In addition to offering comprehensive technical training, the goal of the event’s organizers is to ensure that attendees leave Miami feeling inspired, energized and better equipped to handle machining challenges on and off the shop floor.

With conference packages tailored to meet individual needs, participants are guaranteed to learn the skills they most need at the pace that suits them best.

Guests will also leave with a pre-release copy of ESPRIT 2012.

The ESPRIT World Conference is attended annually by members of the ESPRIT community, including customers and business partners, and attracts participants from around the world.

In addition to offering guests a glimpse at the future of ESPRIT, the conference places attendees in the important role of providing vital guidance and feedback used to shape future product development.

The conference will take place this year at the Trump International Beach Resort.

Complete conference information, including registration, hotel reservations, agenda and course details, are available online at regonline.com/ewc2011

For more information, contact DP Technology at 805-388-6000.