Dec 27, 2010

Electric-car pioneer Tesla selects LMS NVH turnkey solution

30 years of leading NVH experience helps Silicon Valley engineers pave the way to revolutionary vehicles.

Tesla Motors, an innovator of electric powertrains and vehicle design, has selected LMS as its provider of choice for NVH development and test systems. By selecting the flexible and versatile LMS Test.Lab system for its state-of-the-art lab and testing site in Palo Alto, California, this innovative car maker is setting the standard for electric vehicles.

“LMS is setting the standard for automotive NVH engineering measurement systems. Our growing team required a cost effective, flexible and expandable turn-key NVH system and LMS delivered. We are using LMS Test.Lab in all aspects of the NVH development of Model S,” stated Roger Evans, Manager of NVH Engineering at Tesla Motors.

“At the core of Tesla Motors is the belief that an electric car offers tangible advantages to the discerning customer,” commented Mr. Peter Rawlinson, Vice President of Engineering with Tesla Motors. “We are developing Model S to deliver a refined driving experience and LMS Test.Lab delivers the breadth of test capability our NVH engineering team needs”.

Bruno Massa, Vice-President, Test Division, LMS International, “LMS is constantly working to meet the ever-changing needs of the automotive and other industries for advanced NVH and Durability engineering. Tesla Motors’ choice confirms our position as leaders in NVH for both traditional as well as electric and hybrid electric vehicles. We look forward to working with Tesla Motors and others in the world of eco-engineering to understand their unique challenges and deliver the right tailored solutions.”