Dec 6, 2010

CIMdata Announces its 2011 PLM Vendor Forum Programs “PLM—Back to the Future”

ANN ARBOR, Michigan — Global management consulting and market research firm CIMdata, Inc. announces its international 2011 PLM Vendor Forum schedule and program. These one-day events will be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA on March 31st, in Stuttgart, Germany on April 12th, and in Tokyo, Japan on April 20th, 2011.

CIMdata’s 2011 PLM Vendor Forum is the premier event for PLM solution suppliers of all sizes. During the forum, CIMdata and the attendees will collectively explore the issues facing the PLM market. The theme “Back to the Future,” refers to several issues facing the market. “Back” refers to things such as cloud computing, which can be seen as replaying the history of centralized computing using mainframes or client/server architectures. Another “back” is the renewed competition and innovation in the mechanical CAD space. As for the “future,” the market is showing signs of returning to historic growth levels after the “Great Recession.” Will this continue? As always, CIMdata will present its perspective on the state and trends of the current and future PLM market, including our first public exposure to CIMdata’s estimates of the 2010 PLM market results—including our extensive analysis and forecasts across PLM domains, industries, and regions, and the performance (revenue and market share analysis) of leading PLM solution suppliers.

Solution suppliers and end user companies alike face a brave new post-recession world. Many companies used the recession as an opportunity to make painful decisions, particularly deep cost cutting, to maintain profitability. With these cuts, many companies saw valuable intellectual capital walk out the door. How do they now do more with less to meet demanding market requirements? Fortunately for end users, this is one of the main proven benefits of a PLM strategy. The market is already showing signs that end users are starting to vote with their budgets, and make new PLM investments. On the solution supplier side, what are their corresponding investments? Many solution suppliers do use their own PLM solutions to manage knowledge and workflows, supplemented by other enterprise systems like Customer Relationship Management (CRM). What else are they doing to manage their operations? This is one of the topics we plan to explore at this year’s forum. The large solution suppliers also face another common problem: how to get an increasingly complex portfolio through their go-to-market channels? “Efficiently and effectively selling such complex offerings takes a combination of strategies,” says Stan Przybylinski, CIMdata’s Director of Research. “What is the optimal combination of product packaging, sales enablement, and sales team organization to make this work?” This is an important topic for both solution suppliers and their customers, because it affects how these critical solutions are consumed and deployed. Again, during the forum, we will ask attendees to provide valuable insights from their respective organizations.

Participants in CIMdata’s PLM Vendor Forum should expect to gain a solid understanding of the current PLM market situation and dynamics, and expectations for its continued evolution. As the premier event dedicated to PLM solution suppliers, the forum also provides networking opportunities with other leaders in the PLM space. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to gain further insights into opportunities and approaches they can use to navigate the PLM market environment during the current times.