Dec 13, 2010

CDC Software Launches its Cloud Discrete ERP Solution on Microsoft Azure Platform in China

SHANGHAI — CDC Software Corporation, a global provider of hybrid enterprise software applications and services, announced today the launch of e-M-POWER On Demand, the first cloud discrete ERP solution offered on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform in China, and one of only three enterprise software solutions currently available on the Azure platform in China.

The launch of e-M-POWER On Demand is the latest move in CDC Software’s plans to expand its growing portfolio of cloud-based solutions and increase recurring software-as-a-service (SaaS) revenue significantly over the next few years. In addition to its cloud acquisitions, CDC Software is also developing its SaaS solutions internally. As a partner of Microsoft, CDC Software plans to develop additional cloud applications on the Windows Azure platform. As previously announced, CDC Software also plans to launch its enterprise complaint management solution, CDC Respond, as a SaaS solution on the Azure platform early next year. The Windows Azure platform is a set of cloud computing services that can be used together, or independently, that enables developers to develop cloud applications.

"The launch of e-M-POWER On Demand, using Windows Azure technology, illustrates the commitment of CDC Software to Microsoft Cloud Services," said Kathy Lee, Platform Strategy advisor, Microsoft Corporation. "e-M-POWER is the first ERP manufacturing solution using Windows Azure technology available in China. We are excited on our partnership with CDC Software and look forward to working with them on future deliverables on Windows Azure."

Hong Kong-based Union Energy Industries Limited, a manufacturer of watch components and metal parts with a factory in mainland China, recently implemented e-M-POWER On Demand. According to Louis Li, manager, Corporate Business Development at Union Energy Industries, "We believe that e-M-POWER On Demand provides us with the most up-to-date, sophisticated solution addressing our manufacturing needs while eliminating the burden of costly IT overhead and maintenance. With an On Demand model, we can quickly leverage new ERP features and functionality while maintaining our low cost of ownership."

"Access to affordable and scalable ERP solutions, like CDC's e-M-POWER On Demand, is a key contributor to success when it comes to driving to a more efficient business," says Dan Miklovic, Chief of Research for Sustainable Collaborations Group, a Green and Clean Tech market research firm. "On demand access is giving small to mid-sized firms access to ERP capabilities previously only available to the largest enterprises. SaaS also opens the door to better sustainability for any firm in China. Business efficiency is key to small to medium-sized businesses in China as they strive to become greener and operate in a sustainable way."

"I am very proud to announce the availability of e-M-POWER On Demand for our China customers," said Peter Yip, CEO of CDC Software. "Just six months ago, I participated at Microsoft’s press event with Steve Ballmer in Delhi, India where I proclaimed our commitment to developing cloud applications on Windows Azure. Now, we have delivered the first ERP manufacturing SaaS solution utilizing Windows Azure for the China market. Soon, we expect to deliver our cloud-based CDC Respond solution on Windows Azure. These deliverables not only confirm our commitment to Windows Azure, but the strength of our partnership with Microsoft. The e-M-POWER On Demand solution further enhances our already strong SaaS product portfolio, which we believe strengthens our position as a provider of hybrid enterprise solutions offering customers on-premise and cloud deployment options."

"We also believe that by developing applications using Windows Azure and leveraging our Agile development methodology, we will be able to launch flexible, reliable and scalable cloud applications quickly to the market, and e-M-POWER illustrates that," said Hilton Law, managing director, China for CDC Software. "By utilizing Azure, CDC Software has the ability to develop SOA-based, multi-tenant architectures with the tools we are already using, and deploy them to a robust platform with staged production, failure-resilience, elastic scalability and self-service provisioning. Our goal is to continue to provide specialized enterprise solutions that directly address our customers’ unique strategic requirements, and at the same time, offer a full range of deployment options, ranging from on premise to on demand and mixed deployments, to suit their current and future needs."