Dec 8, 2010

AVEVA Global takes workshare security to the next level

Cambridge, UK: AVEVA one of the world's leading providers of engineering design and information management solutions to the plant, power and marine industries, today announced that it has significantly increased the choice of security options available to its AVEVA Global customers through its successful implementation of Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) standard.

AVEVA Global is integrated with other AVEVA solutions to enable companies to workshare and to collaborate on projects with their partners, suppliers and contractors, wherever they are in the world. This significantly improves project manageability, while reducing cost, risk and timescales.

WCF, a powerful security standard that has been adopted in many data industries, gives AVEVA Global users a versatile and interoperable platform for securely exchanging data. This improvement is highly configurable with parameters that can be tailored to meet customer's unique security requirements.

Users have access to a broad spectrum of security options such as authentication, encryption and a selection of suitable transport mechanisms to enable project information to be shared securely. A combination of Microsoft .NET compatible security features makes it possible to adapt the configuration to the company's IT policies, whether this is LAN, WAN, internet, or a combination. In addition, WCF can help reduce costs for global communication by replacing the need for expensive connections such as VPNs by applying its own security to the communication.

Thierry Vermeersch, Product Strategy Manager at AVEVA, explained: "Effective workshare and collaboration is dependent on the ability to keep the system agile, by transmitting only changes, rather than large and cumbersome datasets. This demands an equally agile security strategy, and one that is flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the customers' evolving environments. We have listened to our customers and included the flexible security of WCF into AVEVA Global in order to take the benefits that it offers to the next level. No other engineering workshare solution currently comes close."