Dec 15, 2010

AVEVA Americas honors two Customers for their innovative use of the AVEVA NET Information Management Solution

Houston, TX, USA: AVEVA awarded Mustang Engineering and Consórcio Ipojuca Interligações the “Engineering Excellence Awards” for their accomplishments integrating AVEVA NET into their enterprise and delivering true value and cost reductions for their businesses. The award ceremony took place at the AVEVA World Summit October 18-20 in Las Vegas, NV.

“Each company represented the best of AVEVA’s philosophy of ‘Continual Progression’” said William Muldoon, AVEVA Americas Executive Vice President. “Both made ground-breaking use of AVEVA’s design and information management solutions, and each achieved significant and impressive results.”

AVEVA NET is a powerful, ISO 15926-compliant Information Management solution that automatically controls, links, evaluates and makes available all types of engineering and associated data and documents, regardless of application, format, or technology platform. Its ability to reduce the time spent manually searching for information and its ability to link related items of information together have been proven to save businesses millions in productivity, decision making and rework.

Houston-based Mustang Engineering garnered its award for using AVEVA NET to streamline data management and end-of-project data handover to its clients. With the use of AVEVA NET, Mustang can now complete handover in a progressive manner. Mustang has also begun to use AVEVA NET as a hub for all global project information management, from project commencement to completion, across all of its 14 offices worldwide.

Mustang has realized immediate benefits from its use of AVEVA NET. Deliverables can now be collected and automatically cross-referenced using a single database. Most importantly, clients can obtain data as a project progresses (a significant achievement), as well as upon engineering completion, as had been the case in the past. Mustang’s innovative AVEVA NET deployment means it can make handover one of the smoothest parts of a project rather than one of the more challenging.

“We have been able to provide our engineers and designers with direct access to many documents, databases and datasets using AVEVA NET. The information contained in many of these documents and databases would have been available only to a limited number of people directly. We are also able to validate and cross check the information in these databases faster and more efficiently using AVEVA NET,” said Ali Karamyar, Mustang project manager.

Brazil’s Consórcio Ipojuca Interligações successfully integrated AVEVA NET and an AVEVA design software application to construct the first new Petrobras refinery built in the last 50 years. This 200,000 bp/d refinery (RNEST) project has a total investment value of $4 billion and involved the integration of six different engineering systems from six vendors, including bidirectional data transfer, to build and install 50 refining units.

Santiago Pena, AVEVA’s Vice President of Latin America said, “Ipojuca’s work on the RNEST refinery marked the first time AVEVA NET has been used simultaneously in the project engineering and construction phases in Latin America. It also represents a major technological breakthrough in managing engineering and construction data integration for a greenfield refinery project. They put AVEVA NET to the fullest test of its capabilities and made outstanding use of the solution in a very complex and challenging environment.”

Paulo Cezar Moreira, Ipojuca’s Project Manager (Automation), added, “This award acknowledges the challenges we overcame and the successes we achieved, particularly in simultaneously integrating construction with engineering and procurement. This is the first time this has been successfully done in Brazil.”