Nov 4, 2010

Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute in China Selects MSC.Software for Thermal Analysis Needs

SANTA ANA, CA - MSC.Software Corporation has announced that Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute in China has selected MSC.Software's MD Nastran and Patran for thermal, structural and fatigue analysis in the design of steam turbine and thermal power systems.

Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute (XTPRI) is one of the leading thermal dynamics science and technology research institutes engaged in the development of eco-power generation technology for China's energy power industry. The institute is dedicated to research in renewable power solutions, focusing on energy-efficient power plant operations, optimizing efficient energy transfer and utilization while reducing pollutant emissions. XTPRI has been awarded with several national patents in China. The institute's ongoing quest for driving analysis efficiency has led them to conclude that multidisciplinary engineering simulation is one of the best solutions for fast and optimized designs.

"Technology innovation is one of the key strategies in our blueprint for green energy. By partnering with simulation technology providers such as MSC.Software, we are able to perform advanced thermal and structural analysis on our large equipment and integral components," said Mr. Zhao Yi, general manager of XTPRI. "The multidiscipline platform allows for seamless data transmission in different analysis scenarios, allowing us to save time and costs while optimizing performance early in the design process of our large-scale steam turbines and power generation equipment."

"Our track-record in partnering with leading research institutes engaged in complex design engineering in China extends into renewable and power generation solutions. XTPRI is a well-respected leader in the research and development of power generation equipment and their engineering research has important ramifications on the China renewable industry," said Eric Favre, vice president, MSC.Software Asia Pacific. "We are very proud to be the preferred partner, providing a breadth of multidisciplinary engineering tools that will enable broader and improved functionality for higher performance."

The recent MD Nastran 2010 release helps users solve more classes of problems involving heat generation through new thermal-mechanical coupling features. Problems like brake pad heating, road-tire contact and manufacturing operations, to name a few.