Nov 24, 2010

Waterfront Composite Solutions Partners with Firehole Composites

Firehole Composites has announced that their Analysis Services branch will be partnering with Waterfront Composite Solutions (WCS), providers of innovative design solutions for the watercraft industry. Firehole will bring an added expertise in structural analysis of composite materials to the pioneering design process at WCS. The two will collaborate on analysis of composite assemblies incorporated in the design of a large, private yacht.

“This project is exciting for us because it furthers our work in the high-tech yachting industry and presents some fun challenges. The all-composite spiral staircase, for instance, not only has important functional requirements, but is a key piece of the visual appeal of the craft. We share Waterfront’s desire to achieve superior designs with composites and look forward to working with their creative team” said project lead Rick Dalgarno.

“WCS is pleased to have Firehole Composites as a strategic partner in our analysis efforts. When we have a complex analysis requirement beyond our in-house capabilities, we know that we have a reliable partner in them. The clear and accurate reporting from Firehole allows us to have confidence in our designs while maintaining our own schedule requirements. The staircase is a classic example: We need to know the stairs will be rock-steady the first time around, without having to overkill the design. There is just no room for error. Firehole gives us confidence we’ll fulfill our engineering requirements without losing sleep” said WCS Partner, Brian Climenhaga.

WCS has a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, he noted, and looks forward to continued mutual success with Firehole Composites.