Nov 22, 2010

Virtalis Brings Sensics Wireless HMD to the UK

The Sensics wireless zSightVIRTALIS, the foremost European name in Virtual Reality (VR), is bringing the first wireless Head-Mounted Display (HMD) to the UK, courtesy of its partner, Sensics. Company CEO, Yuval Boger, explained: “A completely untethered, integrally tracked HMD has been the Holy Grail of VR experts for some time. We launched the wired and wireless variants of our OLED zSight in the US over the summer and have seen tremendous interest owing to the image quality and integrated microphone, speakers and head tracker. We can deliver 720p and SXGA video with very low latency (roughly 30 milliseconds), so this is really the big problem we’ve solved for interactive HMD applications, the ability to deliver high quality video with extremely low latency. Sensics also offers a flight helmet version which Virtalis will sell as part of its ActiveSpace system in the UK.”

The wireless zSight allows the users to wander through virtual environments naturally, as the only wire is one connecting the HMD to a rechargeable battery pack which clips onto a belt. This allows the HMD to operate for one to one and a half hours on a full battery charge. The zSight boasts 1280 x 1024 SXGA, as well as 720p resolutions and a 60 degree diagonal field of view (F.o.V.). However, where it steals a march on its competitors is in its amazing lightness. It weighs only 450g, or roughly one pound.'

David Hendon, Virtalis’ VR peripheral specialist, said: “The zSight is part of a growing range of HMDs that Sensics has brought to market in recent years and one of the most exciting offerings I’ve seen in a long while. Being partners of Sensics and its software partner, WorldViz, mean we can work with our customers to provide them with a turnkey ActiveSpace system fully loaded with their own virtual environments. I predict the wireless zSight will attract a great deal of interest in the R&D, military and training sectors.”