Nov 16, 2010

ThreeDify announces general availability of OptimCut 1.0

Ottawa, Canada: ThreeDify Inc has announced the general availability of OptimCut 1.0, a constrained N-best cut-off grade optimizer specifically designed for the mining industry.

OptimCut 1.0 is an ideal tool for mine planners who seek to maximize the Net Present Value of their mine-mill operations. OptimCut 1.0 features:

* Both standard and constrained optimization modes, as well as allowance for flexible constraints
* Modern GUI that allows user to easily create custom solutions for experimenting with what-if scenarios
* Interface with ThreeDify FlowPit 2.0 and ThreeDify MoneyMatrix 1.1
* Extensibility via a COM interface that is accessible in VB, Java, C++ and C#.

This release marks an important milestone in ThreeDify's mining software product line and further demonstrates ThreeDify's strategic commitment to creating affordable, easy to use, lean, robust and scalable mining software for the mining industry.

Interested parties can request a free demo version of ThreDify OptimCut 1.0 at no cost.