Nov 9, 2010

rose plastic utilizes keytech PLM in China

In 2008 rose plastic AG decided to implement keytech PLM to manage engineering and development data. The main reason for the implementation of a PLM solution was the rapidly growing volume of data resulting from their worldwide expansion. The decision for keytech PLM was based on a comprehensive catalog of requirements. The requirements were defined by the rose plastic "CAD/PDM" project team consisting of employees in the areas IT, Sales, Development, Engineering and Tool Coordination worldwide. The focus was the possibility to replicate data stocks across locations as well as the cooperation between the PLM system and their CAD system SolidWorks.

The first step was a Plug&Play installation of keytech on a Microsoft SQL-Server 2005 database. The installation included the interface to SolidWorks, AutoCAD and Microsoft Office products Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. One item outlined in the requirements catalog that was easily handled by keytech PLM was the creation of neutral data formats (TIFF, Step, SAT, IGES, PDF and eDrawings). The keytech PLM solution was implemented and now the document types required by each of the associated departments are generated automatically and integrated into the ERP/MES system.

In conjunction with the installation process all of the rose employees took part in a 2-day training. The PLM administrators were instructed in the administrative processes of the software including the basic installations, configuration and maintenance. The rose system administrators benefited from the easy-to-use interface of the keytech admin software and the flexibility of the data fields with respect to company specifications. The defined requirements were met with complete satisfaction resulting in the smooth implementation and launch of keytech PLM into production at rose plastics.

The plan for rose plastics expansion calls their existing installation to their Chinese operations through the use of the keytech dfs, an application for distributing files to various locations. The configurable separation between metadata and files is a central part of this expansion. keytech PLM allows for user specified configuration of database access as well as the file distribution by utilizing an integrated role or permissions system. Thus rose plastic can define exactly which data can be accessed by which location.

Some of the benefits realized by rose plastic AG:

The centralized database allows for consistent access to the most current and valid revisions

The keytech implementation was carried out "quickly and smoothly" according to the whole "CAD/PDM" project team at rose plastic AG

User training was complete quickly and efficiently requiring only a few days

keytech PLM can be easily administrated by the customer with keytech's admin client

keytech was integrated seamlessly in the existing IT landscape