Nov 16, 2010

ODA Announces Teigha™ Version 3.4

Phoenix, AZ: The Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the release of version 3.4 of Teigha, its software development platform for technical graphics applications including CAD. Version 3.4 incorporates 400 bug fixes and performance enhancements donated to the ODA by its members and additional improvements by the ODA development team.

ODA President Arnold van der Weide stated, “It is strategically important for Teigha to remain a single, consistent platform where all Teigha-based applications are compatible with the latest released version. By focusing on the integration of member-donated fixes for 3.4 in addition to a major upgrade to our source code management system, we are making it easier for members to upgrade to the latest version. As more members actively donate fixes and improvements we are able to more effectively leverage the value of the term “open” in Open Design Alliance.”

ODA Chief Technology Officer Neil Peterson added, “As part of 3.4, we have established a new set of processes which allow members to more effectively return source code fixes and enhancements. Since the early days of the ODA back in 1998, this is the highest level of cooperation we have had among our membership, and I expect this trend to continue as more members adopt Teigha as a base platform for the development of technical graphic applications.”

Teigha version 3.4 is available immediately at www.opendesign.com for download by ODA members world-wide.