Nov 10, 2010

New Release of InspectionXpert for SolidWorks 2011

Raleigh, NC – Extensible CAD Technologies has announced their new release of InspectionXpert for SolidWorks. InspectionXpert for SolidWorks automates the ballooning of SolidWorks drawings and creation of Inspection Sheets for quality control inspections. Here are a few of the new enhancements:

InspectionXpert for SolidWorks

· Support for SolidWorks 2011

· Single window integration into SolidWorks for a better user experience

· Inspection are persisted in the SolidWorks drawing file for easy updates to inspection projects when drawing data changes

· Better control over the order and placement of balloons in the SolidWorks drawing

· Support for mapping SolidWorks Configuration-Specific Properties to your inspection report form.

· Mapping of SolidWorks Custom Properties to the InspectionXpert Project Properties, such as part number, part name, revision, etc.

The InspectionXpert product line eliminates the manual ballooning of inspection drawings and manual creation of inspection sheets for first article and in process inspections. InspectionXpert integrates with popular CAD programs including Solid Edge, CATIA, AutoCAD, and Pro/ENGINEER, and InspectionXpert First Article works with PDF and TIFF file formats. Visit http://www.inspectionxpert.com for more information.