Nov 19, 2010

IES and Trelligence partner to deliver integrated Sustainable programming, design and analysis

Intelligent Interoperability between IESVE and Trelligence Affinity.

Boston, MA – Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES), and Trelligence today announced a partnership formed to integrate the sustainable analysis capabilities of the IESVE performance simulation software with the architectural programming and schematic design capabilities of Trelligence Affinity™. The intelligent interoperability planned between the two systems will enable the whole architectural team to achieve maximum sustainable design benefit by integrating programming, schematic design and early stage analysis.

Linking these two industry pioneering software tools together will enable a level of integration and interaction currently not capable from other tools. Early stage sustainable analysis will be possible even when no geometry is available, through conceptual floor plans and stacking diagrams that are auto-generated from program data. Designers will be able to figure out which floor-area-ratio is the most efficient before room layout is considered, then, the fast iterative design capabilities of Affinity will allow different early design layouts to be similarly tested.

The connection between the two platforms, which is currently in development, will fully incorporate some of the early stage analysis capabilities of the IESVE directly into Affinity, while also offering an automated export function into any IESVE tool desired. At schematic design, it will allow different building layout scenarios to be easily tested for compliance with the program requirements, as well as real-time analysis against energy and other performance metrics. Affinity’s integration with ArchiCAD and Revit will then allow designers to continue to track the detailed design as it progresses against initial requirements.

“Imagine a world where space programming and planning, can be integrated with schematic design and early sustainable analysis, all within one platform,” commented Dr Don McLean Founder and CEO of Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES). “The surprising differences form, square footage, % glazing, layout, and orientation make could all be easily tested in conjunction with one another – that’s the future we envisage from the integration between our two software platforms!”

“The partnership between Trelligence and IES will enable seamless integration between Affinity’s innovative programmatic modeling capabilities and IES’s extensive analysis tools, delivering a practical means of doing what architects have always dreamed of – true quantitative design analysis from day one.” stated Larry Ciscon, Ph.D., Trelligence President. “Trelligence and IES are committed to doing what it takes to provide firms with a well-integrated, easy-to-use sustainable design and analysis solution.”