Nov 19, 2010

GstarCAD Invited to Participate in the Third China International Copyright Expo

The Third China International Copyright Expo & the Fourth International Copyright Forum was grandly opened on November 18th at China National Convention Center of the Beijing Olympic Center. GstarCAD is the only CAD company that was invited to participate in the Expo.

As the only normalized professional international copyright exposition, the China International Copyright Expo has been successfully held twice. The purpose of the Expo is centered on "communication, cooperation, innovation, and development", so as to promote interaction and exchanges of the international copyright industry, promote China's copyright industrialization process, nurture copyright capital element markets, expand copyright market access, promote China's copyright trade, showcase copyright results, and improve copyright protection.

GstarCAD software was invited to participate in this national event as national infrastructure software, which fact is a manifestation of full recognition by the Organizing Committee of the Expo of GstarCAD's 19-year tireless efforts on upholding independent research and development and promoting software copyright protection. In fact, after 19 years of hard work, the R&D level of GstarCAD products has maintained an advanced position, and currently its CAD products are enjoying an absolute leading advantage in AEC, mechanical, manufacturing and other markets, winning highly recognition from users. According to incomplete statistics, GstarCAD products have been used or are being used by over 90% of our customers, who have completed a number of world-class or national projects with these products, for example, they have been used in the membrane structure design of Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest), and the design of CRH trains. All these results are inseparable from GstarCAD's long-standing commitment.