Nov 21, 2010

GstarCAD gets WIPO Award for Protection of Intellectual Property

Beijing – GstarCAD has announced that it was rewarded with the WIPO Award in the category "Utilization Award" for its active use and protection of Intellectual Property by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The Award was officially given at the Third China International Copyright Expo. GstarCAD is the only CAD company that was invited to participate in this meeting and award ceremony.

The WIPO Award Ceremony was held in China National Convention Centre. The "WIPO Award" proposed three categories for 12 awardees, including 6 "Creation Award", 4 "Utilization Award " and 4"Protection Award". GstarCAD software was invited to participate in this national event as a international infrastructure software and was given the WIPO Award in the category"Utilization Award" for its active use and protection of Intellectual Property, which fact is a manifestation of full recognition by the Organizing Committee of the China International Copyright Expo and the WIPO of GstarCAD's 19-year tireless efforts on upholding independent research and development and promoting software copyright protection.

Mr. Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO and Mr. Liu Binjie, Director General of the State Copyright Bureau of China were present at the ceremony. President Lu Xiang accepted the award on behalf of GstarCAD.

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