Nov 11, 2010

GEOMATE Announces CAD-neutral Tolerance Analysis Wizard

San Jose, CA – GEOMATE Company today released ToleranceCalc 6.0 tolerance analysis wizard that enables users of all popular CAD applications to analyze 1D and 2D tolerances of parts and assemblies with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy.

ToleranceCalc delivers powerful capabilities that have never been available before to CAD users – perform 1D and 2D tolerance analysis of parts and assemblies at any stage of the design process with the same ease as “spell checking”. ToleranceCalc 6.0 performs concurrent worst-case, statistical, and sensitivity analysis. ToleranceCalc does not require any specialized knowledge of dimensional engineering. That means all members of the development team can use ToleranceCalc to participate in meeting overall product performance, cost, and quality goals.

GEOMATE Company has over 12 years of experience focused on developing graphical calculation technologies. GEOMATE Company's groundbreaking matrix based geometry constraining technology coupled with high performance Monte Carlo analysis and reporting capabilities have made ToleranceCalc 6.0 a true breakthrough release and sets a new standard for tolerance analysis products on the market today.

Price: Single user perpetual license $139 (price includes maintenance and support - multiple seat prices available).

Availability: Immediate