Nov 11, 2010

EON Reality Welcomes Daniel Rongo, ICT Evangelist in London

IRVINE, Calif – EON Reality, Inc., an interactive 3D software provider, today announced that Daniel Rongo, previously operating from the company's Singapore office, is now back in Europe where he is committed to leading the EON Reality UK business development as well as play a key role in the development of collaborative virtual team innovations.

Confident in the foremost British position in terms of education and business innovation, Daniel’s interest in capitalizing on ICT innovations and virtual communities began in 1998 when he founded and managed a number of Mirc Channels. After completing his Diploma in Business Administration, Daniel obtained a BSc Business Management degree from the University of Naples. Inspired by the British innovative business ecosystem, he then moved to Cambridge (UK) where he started up an eBusiness venture. He then collaborated as a Research Assistant for his University Supervisor on a Business Innovation project and completed his first academic paper entitled “Managing Virtual Communities of Practice to drive Product Innovation.” In 2010, Daniel relocated to Singapore having obtained a place for the MSc Technology Entrepreneurship at Nanyang Technological University. In the same period, he secured a position at EON Reality, Inc. (Singapore HQ) where he was contributing to the EON Reality market development in one of the Asiatic Centers of Distinction for Technology.

“The United Kingdom has been historically a worldwide centre of excellence in terms of knowledge, progress and innovation. Economists say ‘creativity and innovation’ are keys to recover from the economic crisis and the European Commission declared 2009 as ‘The Year of Creativity and Innovation.’ At EON Reality, we pride ourselves on having the winning formula to bring those two elements to the service of education and industry. We are here to apply this to the UK market and support the country to maintain its leadership in Creativity Industry through our Virtual Reality technologies,” stated Daniel Rongo, Business Development Manager, EON Reality.

“Being based in a business hub such as London, will give us the opportunity to meet and strengthen partnerships with the major players in education, industry and technology. We are confident that we will remarkably grow both ours and the United Kingdom’s Virtual Reality market,” added Daniel Rongo.