Nov 24, 2010

Dezineforce brings engineer ready supercomputing to accelerate design processes

Breakthrough Technology And Packaging Extends Once Unimaginable Computing Power to Industrial Designers Everywhere, Massively Improves Productivity and Cost Savings.

WHITELEY, UK – Supercomputing that once required racks of gear and a lifetime of technical knowledge to operate is now available to any scientist or engineer who knows how to plug in a toaster. Dezineforce, founded by leading supercomputing and engineering design experts in the U.K., has released its supercomputing-based ‘Technical Computing Server’ solution, available now in Europe and soon to be in the U.S. in early 2011.

“Dezineforce puts supercomputer-based design simulation at the finger tips of every engineer, architect, automobile or aerospace designer, providing the computing muscle needed to overcome complex design challenges,” said Simon Cox, chief scientist, Dezineforce. “Massive calculation projects that used to take weeks to complete can now be accomplished in a matter of hours, which means engineers can spend more time doing what they do best – designing great products rather than waiting for things to happen.”

With a ready-to-use appliance and on-demand cloud access, Dezineforce removes the barriers to obtaining computational acceleration. Key benefits include:
• Increased Productivity – Engineers can now complete a project, delivering a better design, with the computer simulation executing 5 to 45 times faster than was typically possible. Faster runs enable thorough analysis resulting in better, greener and more economical designs.
• Ease of Use – The solution is ready right out of the box, for engineers to use instantly, eliminating the risk of implementation issues and delays. Through the Dezineforce interface, they can focus on their core skills of engineering design, not on ‘babysitting’ simulation runs as they execute or managing the compute IT itself.
• Cost-Savings – Previously, only a handful of engineering design centers could afford the expense of owning, operating and maintaining the heavy infrastructure required to enable supercomputing power. Dezineforce drastically reduces the cost and infrastructure needed to harness high performance computing.

Dezineforce grew out the University of Southampton while Professors Simon Cox, director of the Microsoft Institute for High Performance Computing, and Andy Keane, director of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre for Computational Engineering, were on faculty. More than 100 man-years of development led by these two experts formed the bedrock for Dezineforce's robust technology.

Arup, a leading global environmental firm, adopted the Dezineforce solution for a recent project to cool a 65,000-seat sporting stadium in the Middle East. The key challenge was to eliminate the need for adjustable supply outlets at each seat, reducing the capital and ongoing operating costs to maintain the efficient operation of the system. With Dezineforce, Arup was able to compress design cycles by over 80 percent, which resulted in six figure cost savings for the customer.

“Arup stretched the design boundaries with help from Dezineforce. We were able to deliver holistic design solutions economically and quickly on this high profile building project,” said Mohsen Zikri, director of Arup and leader of the design concept on the project. “The time it takes for trial and error was significantly reduced, allowing us to accomplish complex designs for the stadium in a fraction of the time and cost.”