Nov 19, 2010

Autodesk Seek Adds Analytics and Branding Services

New Services Help Building Product Manufacturers Align Marketing Activities with Customer Demand.

CHICAGO - Greenbuild International Conference and Expo — Autodesk, Inc is expanding the Autodesk Seek web service to make it easier for building product manufacturers to provide product information directly to designers and analyze how their products are being used.

Autodesk Seek (seek.autodesk.com) is a free* web service for architects, engineers and other designers that enables them to search and find manufacturer-specific and generic building products and associated design content including 2D drawings and 3D models. The addition of Autodesk Seek Analytics and Autodesk Seek Website Services will make it easier for building product manufacturers to get their products in front of designers and then analyze how their products are performing.

“Building product manufacturers need a targeted, scalable and measurable way to reach and engage their customers, while designers need to find and specify high-quality product models quickly. The expansion of Autodesk Seek is helping to solve both challenges,” said Jeff Wright, senior director, Autodesk Web Services. “Manufacturers can directly syndicate product information to designers using Autodesk software, including AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit products. With these new services, they can also syndicate content through their own website or a custom-branded experience on Seek, and then visually analyze precisely how designers engage with their products using Autodesk Seek Analytics.”

Autodesk Seek Analytics

The new Autodesk Seek Analytics web application helps manufacturers gain visibility into how their products are performing across various online channels using the Autodesk Seek web services platform. The Basic version of Seek Analytics provides a high-level overview of how often users search for, view and download products in Autodesk Seek. The Advanced version of Seek Analytics provides the manufacturer greater flexibility and control to view, analyze and create custom analyses of customer activity within a specific array of activity and geographic variables.

"Seek Analytics is a massive gain in productivity and enables us to identify trends in how engineers use our products," said Eugene Fina, commercial product manager for Taco, Inc., a leading provider of hydronic systems for building applications. "We use Seek Analytics internally to track our products, but also externally to demonstrate how Taco products are being specified in designs."