Nov 4, 2010

Autodesk and Tekla collaborate to enable better BIM workflow

Autodesk and Tekla work together to deliver a smoother exchange of building information across the disciplines in the building and construction industry by providing data compatibility across their respective products.

Tekla and Autodesk work together to enable better compatibility between Tekla and Autodesk's respective building information modeling (BIM) software platforms. As a first step, the companies have collaborated to introduce new features that allow for the exchange of structural data between Revit and Tekla software. These features ensure that the integrity of structural BIM data is maintained from design to fabrication. The benefit will be a more consistent flow of information and BIM being easier to implement across the AEC industry.

"There is an increasing demand for interoperability between our software," says Tekla Executive Vice President Risto Räty. "BIM is penetrating the industry more and more widely. Tekla and Autodesk both provide powerful applications for BIM; Tekla's strength lies in providing BIM solutions for detailing, fabrication and construction. By enhancing interoperability between these products we can create more value for our AEC customers throughout the process, improve their way of working, and thus ultimately improve the overall quality and efficiency of design and construction."

"This collaboration with Tekla is part of Autodesk's commitment to provide technology that improves productivity and efficiency across the AEC industry," said Nicolas Mangon, Director of Building Industry at Autodesk. "We look forward to improving interoperability between Autodesk design and analysis solutions with Tekla and together help customers more easily design and build the world's built environment."

The new applications are available to download for Autodesk and Tekla customers on Tekla's website.