Nov 24, 2010

Lastest Release of Pointwise CFD Mesher Features Hybrid Boundary Layer Meshing

FORT WORTH, TX - Pointwise has announced the latest release of its Pointwise computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing software with a wide ranging set of new tools.

The surface meshing formulation of the T-Rex (anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion) hybrid meshing algorithm first developed for Pointwise's Gridgen software now is available in Pointwise. At the other end of the meshing spectrum, a new tool has been added for moving individual grid points. Other notable new features include the ability to split and join faceted geometry models and the extension of the CAE plugin API for writing your own CAE solver export to structured grid formats.

"Pointwise Version 16.04 represents a great stride toward providing in Pointwise all the tools our customers have come to rely upon in our Gridgen software," said John Chawner, Pointwise's president. "At the same time, we continue to add unique tools like Tweak for the ultimate control over individual point placement. So in addition to expanding capability, Pointwise delivers a vastly superior customer experience with its user interface and workflow."

The new release of Pointwise, Version 16.04, also includes 64-bit support on Mac OS X, annotation entities, printing to PNG, TIFF, and BMP files, and 11 new or updated CAE software interfaces.

Pointwise, Inc. is solving the top problem facing engineering analysts today - mesh generation for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The company's Gridgen and Pointwise software generates structured, unstructured and hybrid meshes; interfaces with CFD solvers, such as ANSYS FLUENT, STAR-CD, ANSYS CFX and OpenFOAM as well as many neutral formats, such as CGNS; runs on Windows (Intel and AMD), Linux (Intel and AMD), Mac and Unix, and has scripting languages that can automate CFD meshing. Large manufacturing firms and research organizations worldwide rely on Pointwise as their complete CFD preprocessing solution.

Daimler Selects CAD Software from Siemens as New Platform for Worldwide Car and Truck Development

Erlangen - Daimler AG has selected CAD Software from Siemens as their standard for their worldwide vehicle development. Starting in the summer of 2012, Daimler will integrate work from over 20 development centers and their most important suppliers on a single product development platform. Both companies have agreed not to disclose the contract value.

With the decision for the NX™ CAD Software of Siemens, Daimler completes their current implementation of Teamcenter®, the company’s product data management backbone. Based on this combination, the automotive manufacturer will establish digital collaboration from initial concept design, through simulation during design, down to proof of concept of design solutions. The consolidation of digital product information in one single worldwide data pool will facilitate new vehicle development. The introduction of parallel processes in development, design, production planning and production will further optimize the entire value chain.

“The combination of NX CAD software with our product data management system Smaragd, which is based on Teamcenter, will integrate our entire product creation process from design through production planning down to managing production machines,” said Prof. Bharat Balasubramanian, who is responsible at Daimler for R&D product innovation and process technology.

With Daimler another vehicle manufacturer decided this year to optimize their worldwide vehicle development process with software solutions from Siemens. By changing to Siemens’ open software solutions, car manufacturers can enhance their quality and efficiency in vehicle design and development.

Modern vehicle design requires an increasing integration of mechanical, electrical and electronic components with an ever expanding software ratio. This requires the integration of all of the information associated with mechanical, electrical and software in an integrated platform to allow for collaboration across the full value chain, including suppliers.

“Our CAD and PLM software will help manufacturers enhance their development processes and their production planning and therefore increase their productivity,” Chuck Grindstaff stated, president and chief technology officer of Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Division Industry Automation.

With software from Siemens, car manufacturers can manage the product and production planning in parallel with production, encompassing the entire value chain. Daimler has worked with Siemens’ Teamcenter software for collaborative product data management since the mid 90s. With NX CAD software from Siemens, Daimler will implement a computer-based tool for the entire product development process and therefore a solution for collaborative design, engineering- and development work.

Today Siemens is one of the leading suppliers of PLM software with 6.7 million licenses and 69,500 customers around the world. The market for PLM software is exhibiting stronger growth than any other business software market. In 2009 the market had a volume of € 23 billion with a growth rate of 8% p.a. by 2014.

DataCAD announces release of ToleranceCalc v6.0 from Geomate

Bad Kreuznach - DataCAD Software & Services GmbH, a provider of technical software solutions for the industry, today announced the release of ToleranceCalc v6.0 from Geomate. It enables users of all popular CAD applications to analyze 1D and 2D tolerances of parts and assemblies with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy.

ToleranceCalc delivers powerful capabilities that have never been available before to CAD users – perform 1D and 2D tolerance analysis of parts and assemblies at any stage of the design process with the same ease as “spell checking”. ToleranceCalc 6.0 performs concurrent worst-case, statistical, and sensitivity analysis. ToleranceCalc does not require any specialized knowledge of dimensional engineering. That means all members of the development team can use ToleranceCalc to participate in meeting overall product performance, cost, and quality goals.

Geomate Company has over 12 years of experience focused on developing graphical calculation technologies. Geomate Company's groundbreaking matrix based geometry constraining technology coupled with high performance Monte Carlo analysis and reporting capabilities have made ToleranceCalc 6.0 a true breakthrough release and sets a new standard for tolerance analysis products on the market today.

MathWorks Data Acquisition Toolbox Now Supports CompactDAQ Hardware

NATICK, Mass: MathWorks today announced the R2010b release of Data Acquisition Toolbox, which now enables engineers and scientists to use National Instruments CompactDAQ data acquisition hardware directly from MATLAB. Data Acquisition Toolbox supports more than 25 CompactDAQ devices, providing access to measurements that include voltage, current, and temperature.

The toolbox enables customers to acquire data simultaneously from multiple CompactDAQ modules using either background acquisition or foreground acquisition. With background acquisition, engineers can now analyze and visualize the data as they collect it. With foreground acquisition, engineers can collect their data in blocks for post analysis in MATLAB. The new application programming interface (API) lets engineers control these devices and acquire data from them using only a few lines of MATLAB code.

Data Acquisition Toolbox supports devices from National Instruments, Measurement Computing, Data Translation, Advantech, and other manufacturers. For a complete list of CompactDAQ and other devices supported, visit mathworks.com/products/daq/supportedio.html.
Pricing and Availability

Data Acquisition Toolbox is immediately available for Microsoft Windows platform. U.S. list prices start at US$1000.

Release of InspectionXpert First-Article SP2.4 Announced

Raleigh, NC – Extensible CAD Technologies today announced the latest release of InspectionXpert First-Article. InspectionXpert helps companies automate their quality control inspection processes by providing a faster and more accurate way to balloon CAD drawings and create quality inspection forms such as AS9102 and PPAP forms. Here are a few of the new enhancements:

New enhancements for InspectionXpert First Article 2010 SP2.4

* · Even Better Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for improved accuracy
* · ODBC Connector Support for Customizable InspectionXpert Lists
* · Support for Plus/Plus and Minus/Minus Unilateral Tolerances
* · Support for Customizable Grid Line and Grid Label Color
* · New InspectionXpert GD&T Font
* · Support for Standard ISO Shaft and Hole Tolerances
* · Shift Button Now Makes the Mouse Zoom, Even In Capture Mode
* · Support for Customer-Defined Prefix for Exported Files
* · New online activation process for easier installation and upgrade process

InspectionXpert First Article works with PDF and TIFF file formats to capture inspection characteristics quickly and accurately by eliminating the manual ballooning of inspection drawings and manual creation of inspection sheets for first article and in process inspections. The InspectionXpert product line also includes versions that integrate with popular CAD programs including SolidWorks, Solid Edge, CATIA, AutoCAD, and Pro/ENGINEER.

Delcam to host Business, Innovation and Skills Committee

Delcam will host a visit by the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee of the UK Government to its Birmingham headquarters on 1st December. The visit is part of the Committee’s inquiry into Government Assistance to Industry. Following the visit to Delcam, the Members will meet with Birmingham business leaders to discuss the issues they are facing in the current economic climate.

Committee Chairman Adrian Bailey said: “The Committee is keen to get out of Westminster for this important inquiry, to meet business leaders who have real experience of the difficulties businesses are facing in the current economic climate. We very much hope this visit will help inform our views as to how the Government can better assist businesses. If we are counting on British industry to help rebalance the economy, getting out there to find out what more can be done is vital.”

Delcam Marketing Manager, Peter Dickin commented, “Our company had its origins in research at Cambridge University during the 1960s that was sponsored by a Science Research Council grant of £65,000 so it could be argued that Delcam’s very existence was the result of UK Government support. More recently, we have received help from UKTI in growing our exports so that more than 85% of our revenue now comes from international business. The highlight was being invited to participate in the Prime Minister’s recent visit to China. We are honoured to have been chosen to host this visit and are very keen to support the work of the Committee, not only for ourselves but also on behalf of our many customers in the UK’s manufacturing industry.”

Opera electromagnetic Design Software used to Develop Innovative Contactless Distributed Power Supply system

Oxford, UK — An innovative contactless distributed power supply system for modular automation components is being developed by a team lead by Professor Hans-Peter Schmidt at The University of Applied Sciences in Amberg, Germany, with the help of Opera electromagnetic design software.

The system uses magnetic induction to facilitate the transfer of power and data between an input coupling device and a number of physically separate devices distributed along the length of a ‘backbone’. Principally intended for industrial control and instrumentation applications, where it will be used for powering and communicating with remote I/O sensors and actuators, the system is also likely to prove popular wherever an easily expandable, low-cost industrial control network is required.

The contactless power system is being developed by the university’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology under a publicly funded research programme, and is about to move from design concept to prototype evaluation. The system essentially comprises a ferrite backbone with an E-shape cross-sectional geometry and a coil wound around its central pillar – which can easily be incorporated in an industry-standard DIN rail – together with a power input coupling device and a number of pick-up modules, all incorporating wound E-shape ferrite cores, which can be positioned anywhere along the length of the backbone.

The market for such a contactless system is potentially huge; DIN rails – standardised 35 mm wide metal rails with a hat-shaped cross-section – are a ubiquitous feature of industrial control, providing simple-to-use mounting facilities inside virtually every equipment rack. But machine builders currently have to hard-wire all the power and data connections to each and every device that is mounted on the rail, and later expansion sometimes proves problematic due to physical I/O limitations. By accommodating both power and data, the contactless system should help machine builders reduce the time that it takes to build an industrial control system significantly, as well as providing uncompromised expansion capabilities.

During the course of system development, the faculty has made extensive use of Cobham Technical Services’ Opera software for numerous tasks, including evaluating the coupling efficiency of different system layouts, performing basic field measurements and assessing the effect of various types of magnetic shielding on eddy currents.

According to Professor Hans-Peter Schmidt, who is responsible for systems and simulation technology at the faculty, “Opera is proving to be extremely useful and very cost-effective. Compared to the old days, when we had to use lots of different software packages, it makes simple modelling so much easier. Opera presents a unified user interface for nearly all the simulation tasks that we perform, and it also has a very short learning curve, which makes it a great teaching tool and ideal for students who are just starting out in this discipline. Although we currently use the 2D version, next year we intend using Opera-3D for some of our more advanced simulation courses.”

Two types of contactless power system are presently being investigated. One places the ferrite backbone in an aluminium DIN rail, the other is essentially free-standing. The basic electrical test setup involves a variable waveform generator, power amplifier, current transducer, wideband oscilloscope and power meter. Considerable effort has gone into determining the optimum air gap, excitation voltage and frequency, and in assessing the effect of various conducting backplane materials, such as µ-metal foil, to suppress eddy currents.

Currently, the system is capable of achieving up to 90% power transfer efficiency with 10 pick-up modules, each demanding between 1 and 2 watts, and data transfer rates of up to 2 Mbps. It is envisaged that these performance figures will increase by at least an order of magnitude as the project progresses over the next year.

Chris Riley, Technology Manager for Cobham Technical Services, points out that the novel nature of the contactless power system makes it a very interesting simulation subject, “I don’t know of anyone else using Opera for this type of research, and it is very pleasing to see such a close correlation between predicted and measured results – many of the basic air gap measurements, for example, agree to within 2%, which is an excellent figure.”

3D Systems to Display Electric Motorcycle at Euromold

South Carolina - 3D Systems Corporation announced today that it will display the Brammo Empulse® motorcycle, an innovative ‘green’ motorcycle powered by 3Dproparts™, at the Euromold Conference and Exhibit December 1 – 4, 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany, Hall 11-D46.

3D Systems pioneered the use of Additive Manufacturing solutions for transportation and now, through its comprehensive 3Dproparts™ network, 3D Systems offers companies like Brammo a complete suite of design to manufacturing solutions.

“We are proud to sponsor and excited to exhibit the new Empulse® motorcycle and recognize Brammo’s leadership in the design of functional, sustainable electric vehicles,” said Cathy Lewis, vice president of global marketing for 3D Systems.

“Our relationship with 3D Systems is integral to our success. We depend on 3Dproparts™ to provide us with critical body parts and panels featuring unmatched surface finish, durability and dimensional accuracy for all of our concept and race bikes,” stated Brian Wismann, director of product development, Brammo, Inc.

KOMPAS-3D presented at Elmia Subcontractor fair in Sweden

KOMPAS-3D, high-performance Mechanical Computer-Aided Design solution from ASCON, was showcased at a trade fair — Elmia Subcontractor in Jönköping, Sweden, by an official reseller of the solution, JL Systems. Elmia Subcontractor is the leading international, specialized exhibition for subcontractors to the engineering industry in Northern Europe.

Every aspect of the fair has focused on the future and high-end developments. KOMPAS-3D and KOMPAS-Graphic were highly appreciated by industrial enterprises specialists, IT experts, design and construction chiefs and journalists. All the visitors were able to familiarize with powerful, cost-effective, easy-to-use and learn solutions, as well as try in use all the rich feature set of the 3D parametric modeler and extended line of add-ons, specialized applications, such as steel structures 3D, pipelines 3D, photo rendering, animation, kinematic and dynamic analysis, extended integration with third parties softwares and many others.

“Elmia Subcontractor is Northern Europe's largest trade show for suppliers of manufacturing industry. This year about 12000 visitors and 1200 exhibitors attended the show. Although the number of visitors were less then last year, the quality of the visitors were better, and visitors were also more focused. We had very good interest in KOMPAS 3D during the 4 days of the trade show and the visitors were very impressed with the functionality and price level of KOMPAS 3D,” — mentioned Jan Laustsen, CEO of JL Labs.

Ubisoft Uses Autodesk Games Technology in Ubisoft "Assassin’s Creed® Brotherhood" Production Pipeline

SAN RAFAEL, Calif - Autodesk, Inc., announced that Ubisoft used Autodesk 3D art creation and animation products to help create “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood,” its latest video game, released last week. Ubisoft artists created and populated the vast, ancient city of Rome using Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk MotionBuilder software. Autodesk HumanIK middleware was also integrated into Ubisoft’s proprietary game engine to help produce more realistic in-game animation for both the game’s human characters and horses.

“Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood” is the newest title in Ubisoft’s hit franchise, delivering stunning animations, beautiful environments and immersive game play. The game’s hero, Ezio, now a Master Assassin, is on a mission to end the oppression of the Roman people by the evil Borgia. Gamers must help rebuild the five districts of Rome, win over the public and recruit new assassins to fight against the powerful Templar Order and usher in the Renaissance.

Rome is the largest city ever featured in an “Assassin’s Creed®” title. As a result, Ezio can now bring his horse into and through the city, opening vast new game environments for player exploration. Autodesk HumanIK middleware helps to make sure that the game’s characters move more realistically through the city, whether characters are walking on uneven terrain, scaling walls, riding on horseback or jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

“HumanIK middleware has been a part of our game engine for all ‘Assassin’s Creed’ titles,” said Danny Oros, technical art director for the game. “We knew that with HumanIK we could address our inverse kinematics challenges quickly without sacrificing results or performance.”

As Ezio helps to rebuild the city, each of the five districts of Rome evolves through three distinct atmospheres. Therefore, Ubisoft created three different versions of each of the districts. “Autodesk software provided efficient tools and workflows that helped us create a huge amount of great content in a short amount of time,” added Oros. “The game’s environments were almost all created from scratch, and much of the character content and animation clips were new.”

New animations highlight the advancement of Ezio’s assassin skills. Animators at Ubisoft developed a number of intense fight animation clips, including “combo kills,” where players can eliminate multiple enemies in one move.

“Ezio is now a highly skilled Master Assassin, so we wanted to reward players for a more aggressive combat strategy, instead of the defensive style that was required in ‘Assassin’s Creed® 2,’” said Mike Mennillo, lead fight animator for Ubisoft.

The Ubisoft team shot new fight concepts in a motion capture studio and brought the data into MotionBuilder. This data was then used as a base for the final animation clips created in 3ds Max.

Bluebeam Software to Exhibit and Speak About PDF-Based, Paperless Workflows at Construct Canada® Conference

Pasadena, CA: Attendees at next week’s Construct Canada conference will have several opportunities to connect with Bluebeam Software, the leading developer of PDF solutions for the design and construction industry, and learn how PDF editor Bluebeam PDF Revu® takes construction projects paperless from design, through bid, to build. In addition to exhibiting on the expo floor in booth 1032, Bluebeam will be hosting daily presentations about paperless jobsites at the show’s “Green House Under Construction” and delivering an educational session on Thursday, December 2nd at 2:30pm titled “Taking Project Workflows Digital.”

“Bluebeam PDF Revu’s smart PDF creation, markup and editing tools can take the paper out of several project workflows including design reviews, bids and estimates, Requests for Information, submittals, punchlists, backchecks and more,” said Stephani Haynes, Bluebeam Software Director of Marketing. “Bluebeam’s incredible case study results include reducing paper usage and associated costs by 85%, increasing productivity by 60%, and creating punchlists so detailed that a 90% accuracy rate is achievable at first backcheck. We encourage Construct Canada attendees to visit Bluebeam booth in 1032, attend our educational session, or view one of our ‘Green House Under Construction’ demonstrations to learn how to put Revu to work for them on their next project.”

PDF editor Bluebeam PDF Revu helps project teams go paperless by stopping paper trails before they start. The software includes plugins to AutoCAD®, Revit® and MS® Office for high-quality PDF creation. Next, Bluebeam offers Revu, a robust PDF editor built for viewing and redlining large format PDF drawings. Several industry-standard markups are available, including text, highlights, shapes with hatch patterns, CAD symbols, clouds and measurements. Advanced features enable automatic drawing comparison or manual comparisons by overlaying PDF pages, an integrated Markups list for tracking all comments on a PDF, a Tool Chest for storing custom markups, integration with Bentley® ProjectWise® and Microsoft® SharePoint® and built-in formulas for performing cost calculations. Revu also includes Bluebeam Studio™, an online collaboration tool that enables project teams to post markups to the same PDF together in real time or separately at any time.

Gilwood Fabricators Ltd Selects Epicor 9

IRVINE, Calif — Epicor Software Corporation, a provider of enterprise business software solutions, today announced that Gilwood Fabricators Ltd, a worldwide designer and manufacturer of bespoke stainless steel products including pressure vessels, scrubber and skid package units, has selected the Epicor 9 next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to run its core business unit functions including sales, manufacturing, finance and quality control.

With 38 staff across two sites, and a turnover of £2.7 million (GBP), Gilwood Fabricators will use Epicor to consolidate its systems into a single ERP implementation that will eliminate the disparate applications and data stores the company currently relies on.

“We have to do a lot of double-data entry to transfer information between applications or use complicated import/export procedures, which adds a big overhead to the business,” said John Gilmartin, IT manager at Gilwood Fabricators. “It also slows us down and means there is a lot of margin for error. This is complicated even further by having no consistent way to audit data and its movement through applications.”

Gilwood Fabricators looked at more than 10 ERP solutions before selecting Epicor, citing it as the stand-out system with all the cutting edge features needed, but at a price point much more competitive than the tier one ERP vendors. In particular the end-to-end service oriented architecture (SOA) implementation in Epicor will enable the extraction and manipulation of data in XML format, a key requirement.

Gilwood Fabricators will also be making extensive use of Epicor to orchestrate its processes through the Business Process Management and Service Connect applications. This will allow the company to run real-time, event-driven workflow orchestrations, process automations, and application integration, without the need for additional programming. “We were particularly impressed with the intuitive visual way Epicor allows you to create, edit and examine business processes and workflows throughout the application,” added John Gilmartin. “This, along with the overall flexibility of the solution, meant that we knew Epicor was the right choice for Gilwood Fabricators and would grow and adapt with our needs.” “Epicor is a feature rich ERP solution, and we have always sought to ensure small- and medium-sized businesses have access to the tools needed to be as efficient as possible in their markets,” added James Norwood, senior vice president, worldwide product marketing at Epicor. “Our customers tell us what they want to see in Epicor and we are always working to extend the features available to them.”

Flight Focus Selects VectorCAST for DO-178B Level C/D Coverage Requirements

Providence, RI - Vector Software, a provider of software testing applications for embedded systems, announced today that Flight Focus Pte Ltd has selected VectorCAST/C++ and VectorCAST/Cover to help them meet DO-178B Level C/D certification.

“We are pleased that VectorCAST has been chosen by Flight Focus as a critical component for their software development and testing”, said William McCaffrey, Chief Operating Officer at Vector Software.”

Flight Focus selected Vector Software’s VectorCAST/C++ for unit and integration testing tools as well as the VectorCAST/Cover system test code coverage tool. Vector Software’s VectorCAST solution was proven to integrate seamlessly with the Flight Focus CodeWarrior for Power Architecture and the P2020 double core board software development environment; both in a bare board and firmware mode.

“We evaluated many embedded software testing tools during this process. We chose VectorCAST for its robust features and ease of use”, said Pauline Ng, GM Engineering and Technologies at Flight Focus, “Vector Software engineers were extremely helpful in supporting our goal to achieve DO-178B certification in short amount of time.”

In July 2009, Flight Focus launched the Advance Mission Display System (AMDS) -- the world's first fully integrated Class III Electronic Flight Bag with "open" Class II airline hosting capability. With more than 100 aircrafts to fit in 2011, AMDS utilizes hardware and software partitioning strategies to ease development efforts toward certification.

INUS Technology to show Rapidform XOV at EuroMold

Seoul, South Korea - INUS Technology, Inc. will show the brand new release of its flagship quality inspection software, Rapidform XOV, at the EuroMold exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany December 1-4, 2010. EuroMold is the first public event where the new version's features will be displayed. The updates to Rapidform XOV2 SP2 make inspecting parts with a 3D scanner faster and easier, and bolster the software's industry-leading CAD interoperability and automation capabilities.

The Rapidform booth at EuroMold is in Hall 8.0, Stand F11. The entire Rapidform product line will be on display, including:

* Rapidform XOR, the only software that combines 3D scan data processing with a CAD solid modeling kernel to offer real reverse engineering
* Rapidform XOV, with brand new features for faster inspection and verification of parts from a 3D scanner
* Rapidform XOS, offering automated 3D scan data optimization and NURBS surface generation for non-CAD applications

Calvin Hur, CEO of INUS Technology, remarked "Our customers know that Rapidform is synonymous with progress and innovation, and we're keeping our reputation alive with the new developments in Rapidform XOV. We're excited to show these new updates, as well as our popular XOR and XOS software, to visitors at Euromold 2010. Our number one goal is to unlock the power of 3D scanning for everyone."

Visitors are encouraged to stop by the booth to learn more about 3D scanning, reverse engineering and inspection.

Dr. Thomas Pang Joins Proto Labs as new Managing Director of Proto Labs Japan

MAPLE PLAIN - Proto Labs, Inc announced today that Dr. Thomas Pang has been named Managing Director of Proto Labs G.K., located in Tokyo, Japan. Proto Labs is headquartered in the United States and has operations in the US, Europe and Japan.

Dr. Pang joins Proto Labs from 3D Systems Japan K.K. where he served as Managing Director over the past decade. He is an expert in engineering materials and a leading authority in Rapid Prototyping technologies including Stereolithography and Laser Sintering. Dr. Pang earned his undergraduate degree from The University of California and his PhD in Polymer Chemistry from The University of Southern California.

“We are fortunate to have Dr. Pang join Proto Labs,” said Brad Cleveland, President and CEO of Proto Labs, Inc. “Thomas has successfully started and grown businesses in Japan, has extensive industry knowledge and brings a broad technical expertise to the leadership position of our fast-growing Japanese subsidiary."

3D Systems to showcase entire suite of 3D Content-To-Print solutions at the 2010 Euromold

South Carolina - 3D Systems Corporation announced today that it will showcase its entire suite of 3D Content-To-Print solutions at the 2010 Euromold Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, December 1 – 4th Hall 11, locations D46, E26 and 3D DesignBar.

3D Systems will present its entire 3D Printer portfolio, including its new affordable line of Bits From Bytes Printers and Kits. The company plans to introduce several new 3D Printers at Euromold and to unveil the first ever crossover 3D Printer delivering SLA® print output. With four facilities in Europe and plans for further expansion into additional European locations, customers visiting Euromold will experience the full range of 3Dproparts™ global capabilities. To demonstrate its commitment to democratizing access and accelerating adoption of 3D Content-To-Print solutions, 3D Systems, in partnership with DEMAT, is hosting an interactive 3D DesignBar featuring the latest creative 3D tools and solutions just outside Hall 11.

To illustrate its breadth of 3D Printers and Kits, the company invited David White, a leading, U.K. educator to share his experience and passion for these innovative educational tools at the 3D Systems booth. Mr. White, together with a select group of his students, will share the benefits and impacts of 3D Systems actions towards democratizing access to affordable 3D printing.

“We are pleased to exhibit our entire portfolio of 3D Printers, 3Dproparts™ and 3D Production Centers at Euromold 2010,” said Cathy Lewis, vice president, global marketing, 3D Systems. “Euromold is the best venue for us to showcase and demonstrate our strong commitment to democratizing access to complete 3D Content-To-Print solutions.”

Roland Partners with PTC and TechSoft to Demonstrate STEM Solutions at ACTE

Students can use the design software of their choice to design and manufacture products with Roland mills and cutters.

Irvine, Calif – At next month’s ACTE conference, Roland DGA Corp. (Booth #1013) will demonstrate its line-up of STEM education solutions featuring the company’s advanced MDX milling machines and GX cutters, the TechSoft STEM Education Curriculum, and the Scalextric4schools program from the Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC).

“PTC and TechSoft both provide all the tools and instructional materials needed to challenge students while making design and manufacturing processes fun,” said Pedro Gonzalez, product manager for Roland DGA Corp. “With Roland MDX mills and GX cutters, students gain hands-on experience with the same manufacturing and graphic arts technologies used by industry professionals worldwide.”

A new PTC based solution will debut at the show, combining the Roland MDX-40A with Creo Elements / Pro CAD software and the Scalextric4Schools curriculum from PTC. With this solution, students can design and produce precision Scalextric slot cars for racing at PTC-sponsored competitions across the country. Scalextric slot car racing will be demonstrated in the Roland booth throughout the show.

Roland TechSoft STEM Education solutions are offered in two modules. The GX-24 kit teaches students to cut vinyl for signs and vehicle graphics, cut heat transfer materials for decorated apparel, and cut card stock for packaging. The TechSoft CAD/CAM Kit includes a variety of classroom projects that allow students to create real world parts and prototypes. TechSoft projects can be completed in just one or two class hours.

Designed for subtractive rapid prototyping and custom rapid manufacturing, the Roland MDX series mills a wide range of low cost, non-proprietary materials including ABS, delrin, nylon, acrylic and wood. MDX prototypes and parts are fully functional with tight tolerances and smooth surface finishes unmatched by 3D printers. Roland GX cutters cut materials ranging from vinyl and heat transfer materials to flock, card stock and twill for a variety of applications including vehicle graphics, signs, decals, labels, stencils and packaging.

3Dconnexion Helps SolidWorks 2011 Community Design Better Products Faster

3D Mice Complement Speed and Collaboration Enhancements in Newest Product Line.

FREMONT, Calif – 3Dconnexion today announced support for SolidWorks® 2011, the newest version of the popular 3D CAD design software. 3Dconnexion 3D mice complement the many design improvements and capabilities offered in SolidWorks 2011, helping today’s engineers transform concepts into profitable results.

“3Dconnexion’s 3D mice help organizations across the globe work smarter and faster in SolidWorks,” said Dieter Neujahr, president of 3Dconnexion. “The enhancements in the 2011 software suite are poised to dramatically impact the ability of today’s design teams to bring ideas to market even faster, focusing on speed, collaboration and engagement – all of which are central benefits to designing with a 3D mouse.”

Leveraging a patented six-degrees-of-freedom sensor, 3Dconnexion 3D mice offer superior navigation and natural control by allowing SolidWorks users to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate as if they are holding the model in their hand. In addition to providing SolidWorks 2011 users with a level of design interaction that is unattainable with a traditional mouse and keyboard, using a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse allows design engineers to control SolidWorks 2011 enhancements more intuitively and with more precise control. Highlights include:

* Advanced Design Review: 3Dconnexion 3D mice offer superior navigation, augmenting new capabilities in SolidWorks 2011. For example, in HVAC and Cooling Modules, a 3D mouse can aid the comprehension of flow analysis data, facilitating improved visualization of obstructions that might impede optimal flow patterns. In addition using a 3D mouse with the Defeature tool enables users to quickly review the model at different angles to ensure the appropriate level of detail remains.
* Enhanced Navigation and Efficiency: 3Dconnexion 3D mice offer design performance enhancements with programmable buttons for quick access to commonly used SolidWorks 2011 commands, enabling designers to better focus on their models. In addition, the QuickView Navigation keys on 3Dconnexion’s Professional Series 3D mice provide one-touch access to up to 32 different views.
* Intelligent 3D Navigation: 3Dconnexion 3D mice automatically follow the users point of interest to continuously determine the optimal center of rotation. Alternatively, SolidWorks users can easily pick a new center of rotation to suit the design task at hand.

The entire 3Dconnexion product line is compatible with SolidWorks 2011, including the Professional Series with the SpacePilot PRO (MSRP $399) and SpaceExplorer™ (MSRP $299), and the Standard Series with the SpaceNavigator (MSRP $99) and SpaceNavigator for Notebooks (MSRP $129).

Catalog Data Solutions Catalog and CAD Download Solution Selected by Bay Fastening Solutions, Inc

San Jose, CA: Catalog Data Solutions (CDS), a provider of online solutions for industrial suppliers, today announced that Bay Fastening Solutions, Inc. has selected its Catalog and CAD download solution for their website.

New York based Bay Fastening Solutions is a full service distributor of all types of rivets from all the leading rivet manufacturers. “Our goal is enabling an excellent 24*7 website experience for our designer customers enabling them to search our product range, to view specs, pictures and CAD of our products online and to download CAD models to whatever CAD system they happen to use,” said Clifford Bernard, President. “We chose CDS Catalog and CDS ModelServer fully integrated with our website as the best industrial specific online Catalog and CAD download solution.”

“CDS is delighted to have been selected by Bay Fastening Solutions”, said John Major, CEO Catalog Data Solutions. “Industrial suppliers like Bay Fastening Solutions realize that the buying process has changed - designers now research and select products online before, or even instead of, talking to a salesperson. Suppliers’ online content needs to influence that research, be easily searchable and downloadable. Of the many types of online marketing content (e.g. white papers, case studies, brochures, videos, demos, recorded webinars, reviews, CAD model downloads, etc.) only one is known to lead to a sale nearly 50% of the time! CAD downloads may be the most efficient online marketing tool available.”

Catalog Data Solutions helps industrial suppliers and distributors grow sales and strengthen customer loyalty through interactive online catalogs, ecommerce, 3D CAD model delivery and product configurator solutions.

PTC Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Tongji University to Establish PTC Academy

Beijing, China - PTC, the Product Development Company®, today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Tongji University to establish a PTC® academy. The MOU further expands the partnership with the College of Automotive Engineering, College of Mechanical Engineering and College of Communications to incorporate product lifecycle management (PLM) into their teaching and research programs. This signifies another major effort by PTC to strengthen cooperation with Chinese educational institutions stemming from its partnership with China's Ministry of Education established in December 2007.

As part of the MOU, PTC provided Creo Elements/ProTM (formerly Pro/ENGINEER®), Windchill® and Mathcad® software to meet the increasing demands of Tongji faculties. By providing an increased number of advanced design and manufacturing technology platforms, PTC hopes that more students will develop experience with its product development software and will consequently be able to meet the demands of modern enterprises in China.

Professor Yu Zhuoping, assistant to the president and head of Tongji University's Automotive College, said: "Apart from providing support for the teaching and research of PLM technologies, PTC also offers internship opportunities to Tongji undergraduates. We believe that the leading PLM solutions from PTC will help the students from Tongji University to grow into talented product development professionals."

"China's manufacturing industry has made remarkable progress in its transition from 'Made in China' to ‘Created' in China. In order to support this growth, engineers with advanced design skills are needed," said John Stuart, PTC senior vice president of global education. "We are very pleased to partner with Tongji University to educate more innovative talent for the entire industry, worldwide."

Since 1995, PTC has supported more than 150 Chinese universities and vocational schools. Universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Harbin Engineering University, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University and South China University of Technology all utilize PTC software for teaching and research activities. Since signing the original MOU with the Chinese Ministry of Education, PTC has already provided Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) training to over 2000 secondary schools in China. All of these efforts have contributed to the development of Chinese students' technological literacy and design skills, and the growth of industry talent in China.

John Stuart and Professor Yu Zhuoping, assistant to the president of Tongji University, signed the MOU on behalf of the two parties. Mr. Li Yongsheng, executive chancellor of Tongji University, witnessed the signing ceremony and made congratulatory remarks. In addition, he held a discussion with PTC representatives on further expanding cooperation and jointly nurturing engineering talents.

Waterfront Composite Solutions Partners with Firehole Composites

Firehole Composites has announced that their Analysis Services branch will be partnering with Waterfront Composite Solutions (WCS), providers of innovative design solutions for the watercraft industry. Firehole will bring an added expertise in structural analysis of composite materials to the pioneering design process at WCS. The two will collaborate on analysis of composite assemblies incorporated in the design of a large, private yacht.

“This project is exciting for us because it furthers our work in the high-tech yachting industry and presents some fun challenges. The all-composite spiral staircase, for instance, not only has important functional requirements, but is a key piece of the visual appeal of the craft. We share Waterfront’s desire to achieve superior designs with composites and look forward to working with their creative team” said project lead Rick Dalgarno.

“WCS is pleased to have Firehole Composites as a strategic partner in our analysis efforts. When we have a complex analysis requirement beyond our in-house capabilities, we know that we have a reliable partner in them. The clear and accurate reporting from Firehole allows us to have confidence in our designs while maintaining our own schedule requirements. The staircase is a classic example: We need to know the stairs will be rock-steady the first time around, without having to overkill the design. There is just no room for error. Firehole gives us confidence we’ll fulfill our engineering requirements without losing sleep” said WCS Partner, Brian Climenhaga.

WCS has a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, he noted, and looks forward to continued mutual success with Firehole Composites.

Selerant's Product Lifecycle Management Solution Integrates With Microsoft Project™

NEW YORK - Selerant has announced a significant new integration with its web-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, DevEX.

"DevEX now seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Project to allow a two-way connection of data," states Jacopo Colombo, Selerant CTO. "This will allow team members to import projects, complete with timelines and milestones from Microsoft Project into DevEX. Equally, they can pull the task data from DevEX back into Microsoft Project. Better yet, they have a new tool that allows them to view and manage tasks. It is a Gantt-based view, but with SilverLight control."

The Microsoft Project integration and SilverLight functionality exemplifies the advancements made in DevEX that greatly enhance usability, with greater control, configurability, and intuitive screens. These all add to the collaborative features in DevEX's Innovation Process Management module, such as Microsoft SharePoint™ and the best of breed StageGate Methodology.

To show how this can impact a product launch, Selerant will be hosting a synergy webinar with Joanne Clark, an advisor at Latitude Training and Consulting Services with over 20 years of experience at Microsoft. Part of the Synergy series, this webinar will feature Clark's insight into the critical nature of effective team collaboration during product development. The webinar will be held on December 8, 2010 (Wednesday) at 10 am EST.

You can register at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/160036449

Z Corporation to Showcase New ZBuilder Ultra Plastic Rapid Prototyping System at EuroMold 2010

Visit Hall 11.0, Stand B112 to See Newest ZPrinters and ZScanners Demonstrated.

BURLINGTON, Mass., USA – Z Corporation will demonstrate its latest advances in rapid prototyping and 3D scanning technologies next week at EuroMold 2010, the world fair for moldmaking, tooling, design and application development.

The technologies that will be highlighted include the world’s fastest, most affordable 3D printers, plastic prototyping machines and unique handheld 3D laser scanners. Each offers breakthrough improvements in the speed, ease and quality of product design and development. EuroMold takes place Wednesday, December 1, through Saturday, December 4, in Frankfurt, Germany.

In addition, Peter Hansford, vice president, Z Corporation EMEA will present two real-world case studies, illustrating the business benefits of reducing time and costs using 3D printing, Hydroforming Design Light AB of Vansbro, Sweden and Spirax Sarco Inc. of Blythewood, S.C., USA. December 3, 3:20 PM, Hall 11.0, Booth A128.

In Hall 11.0, Stand B112, Z Corporation will feature:

* The ZPrinter® 250, its newest, most affordable, multicolor 3D printer. The ZPrinter 250 has a small physical footprint and incorporates the speed and many automation features found in Z Corp.’s high-end printers, making it ideal for the classroom, department, or small business.
* The ZBuilder™ Ultra rapid prototyping machine that builds durable plastic parts rivaling injection molding’s accuracy, material properties, detail, and surface finish, at one-third of the price of machines with comparable performance.
* The ZPrinter® 450, a full-color, easy to use, office-friendly 3D printer delivering advanced color, automation and a print speed five to 10 times faster than competing printers.
* The ZScanner® 700 CX, the world’s first handheld 3D laser scanner that can capture surface information in full 24-bit color, rendering the complete picture of an object, not just the geometry.
* Physical 3D models ZPrinted with the new zp®150 build material, which offers richer colors, whiter whites, increased part strength, and the option to cure models with a spritz of water.

Complementing the product demonstrations, Z Corporation will be handing out free samples of multicolor 3D printed models. Z Corporation senior executives will also be on hand to listen to attendees’ product development priorities and discuss which rapid prototyping and 3D scanning technologies can best meet their needs.

Z Corporation will offer product information in both German and English.

ArchiCAD 14 Danish Version Released

BUDAPEST – GRAPHISOFT® announced today that the Danish version of ArchiCAD® 14 has been released.

The Danish version is the twenty-second of 26 local versions in ArchiCAD 14's global release schedule, and follows the release of the International, German, Austrian, New Zealand, US, Italian, Australian, French, Polish, Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Greek, and Turkish versions.

All local versions are planned to reach the market by the end of Q4 2010.

Shipping started November 22.

3D Systems and EmberSurge Join Forces

Experienced Reseller Adds 3D Printers To Its Portfolio Of Design-To-Manufacturing Solutions.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina - 3D Systems Corporation announced today that it added EmberSurge, a recognized, successful Silicon Valley Reseller and service provider to its growing network of 3D printers and solutions providers.

With a qualified team of experienced engineers and service professionals, EmberSurge delivers comprehensive sales and support for 3D printers along with part printing services in the San Francisco Bay Area. They now offer local access to the entire lineup of 3D Systems' personal, professional and production 3D Printers throughout Northern California.

“We are pleased to add a professional reseller and service provider of the caliber of EmberSurge to our network. The EmberSurge team is highly qualified and well positioned to represent our comprehensive range of personal, professional and production 3D Printers,” said Michele Marchesan, vice president sales, 3D printing, 3D Systems Corporation.

“In the heart of Silicon Valley where product development is ever-changing and the demand for new and better technology drives innovation, EmberSurge selected 3D Systems technologies based on our customer’s need for finer detail, higher resolution, and better functional prototypes,” sited Sandra Madrigal, CEO of EmberSurge. “3D systems ProJet™ technology is bar none the highest resolution, best fine feature detail, and truest representation of the design in the 3-D printing industry, period.”

Colortrac expands global operations by opening of a new office in Yokohama, Japan as its strategic support center

Colortrac, an important innovator in the field of wide format scanning technology, announced the opening of a new office in Yokohama, Japan as part of a continued expansion of Colortrac's global business.

The new office is located in the newly developed area known as "Yokohama Port Side" to the east of Yokohama station, highly recognized as the center of international trade and businesses. Colortrac's new office is on the 12th floor of YCS (Yokohama Creation Square) building, conveniently located just outside of the Yokohama's main railway station and is easily accessed. The Colortrac Japan office will be used to support customers, train engineers, and have a small showroom to demonstrate its full scanner range.

"We are pleased to open our new office in this historical city of Yokohama, known as a center of international trade and business in Japan for many years. We are also proud to find that we are the first UK based company to do so. Colortrac Japan looks forward to welcoming customers to our new office in this exciting city. As customer support is our main focus, we believe investing in the Japan office enables to enhance our technical support for our distributors and their partners." said Malcolm Lane, President of Colortrac Inc. Americas & Japan.

As a part of expansion, Colortrac Japan welcomed new Technical manager, Mr. Yamashita to strengthen its technical service to Distributors and their service partners.

Dezineforce brings engineer ready supercomputing to accelerate design processes

Breakthrough Technology And Packaging Extends Once Unimaginable Computing Power to Industrial Designers Everywhere, Massively Improves Productivity and Cost Savings.

WHITELEY, UK – Supercomputing that once required racks of gear and a lifetime of technical knowledge to operate is now available to any scientist or engineer who knows how to plug in a toaster. Dezineforce, founded by leading supercomputing and engineering design experts in the U.K., has released its supercomputing-based ‘Technical Computing Server’ solution, available now in Europe and soon to be in the U.S. in early 2011.

“Dezineforce puts supercomputer-based design simulation at the finger tips of every engineer, architect, automobile or aerospace designer, providing the computing muscle needed to overcome complex design challenges,” said Simon Cox, chief scientist, Dezineforce. “Massive calculation projects that used to take weeks to complete can now be accomplished in a matter of hours, which means engineers can spend more time doing what they do best – designing great products rather than waiting for things to happen.”

With a ready-to-use appliance and on-demand cloud access, Dezineforce removes the barriers to obtaining computational acceleration. Key benefits include:
• Increased Productivity – Engineers can now complete a project, delivering a better design, with the computer simulation executing 5 to 45 times faster than was typically possible. Faster runs enable thorough analysis resulting in better, greener and more economical designs.
• Ease of Use – The solution is ready right out of the box, for engineers to use instantly, eliminating the risk of implementation issues and delays. Through the Dezineforce interface, they can focus on their core skills of engineering design, not on ‘babysitting’ simulation runs as they execute or managing the compute IT itself.
• Cost-Savings – Previously, only a handful of engineering design centers could afford the expense of owning, operating and maintaining the heavy infrastructure required to enable supercomputing power. Dezineforce drastically reduces the cost and infrastructure needed to harness high performance computing.

Dezineforce grew out the University of Southampton while Professors Simon Cox, director of the Microsoft Institute for High Performance Computing, and Andy Keane, director of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre for Computational Engineering, were on faculty. More than 100 man-years of development led by these two experts formed the bedrock for Dezineforce's robust technology.

Arup, a leading global environmental firm, adopted the Dezineforce solution for a recent project to cool a 65,000-seat sporting stadium in the Middle East. The key challenge was to eliminate the need for adjustable supply outlets at each seat, reducing the capital and ongoing operating costs to maintain the efficient operation of the system. With Dezineforce, Arup was able to compress design cycles by over 80 percent, which resulted in six figure cost savings for the customer.

“Arup stretched the design boundaries with help from Dezineforce. We were able to deliver holistic design solutions economically and quickly on this high profile building project,” said Mohsen Zikri, director of Arup and leader of the design concept on the project. “The time it takes for trial and error was significantly reduced, allowing us to accomplish complex designs for the stadium in a fraction of the time and cost.”

Nov 23, 2010

Rafiq Somani appointed Area Vice President for PTC, India

Bangalore – PTC, The Product Development Company, today announced that Rafiq Somani the company’s Country Manger in India, has been promoted to Area Vice President for PTC, India.

In his new role, Somani will be responsible for driving PTC India’s growth in Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) across key verticals such as Automotive, A&D, Industrial, Publishing, Retail and Footwear and will get involved in key strategic decisions within the company.

"PTC’s growth prospects look bright, both globally as well as in India. We are now in a unique position to lead the industry in both CAD and PLM spaces. With the unveiling of the new game changing vision through “Creo” design suite solutions, we are expecting to redefine the mechanical CAD market in similar way we did with our Windchill PLM suite," Somani said while talking about his role as the Area Vice President.

Somani began his career with PTC in 1996 and until recently, held the position of Country Manager. Since joining PTC in 1996, Mr. Somani has held various positions in PTC’s India sales operations. He has over 20 years experience in the IT and the PLM industry and holds a degree in Computer Science Engineering and Master degree in Marketing Management.

"This is truly the most exciting time of my career and we at PTC are confident that we can unleash the potential we have in front of us and help our customers and industry get competitive advantage and benefits never experienced before," he said.

Dassault Systèmes Sets a New Milestone in Sustainable Innovation with its Latest V6 Release

More than 900 new functions in V6 R2011x online platform include rich applications to support Dassault Systèmes reach in 11 targeted industries.

VELIZY-VILLACOUBLAY, France — Dassault Systèmes launched today the latest release of V6, V6R2011x. As a new step towards the company’s lifelike experience vision, this latest release of V6 delivers new competitive advantages in all 3 domains of the V6 organic architecture; rich applications, online platform and universal services.

V6R2011x rich applications include 479 new functions and 8 new solutions to support Dassault Systèmes customers’ collaborative creation processes for all targeted industries using CATIA, DELMIA and SIMULIA brands.

V6R2011x ENOVIA online platform delivers 7 new products and 359 cross industry and industry specific functions. ENOVIA solutions focus on helping customers to implement more efficient, innovation–driven governance and sourcing business processes. ENOVIA solutions rely on the V6 cloud-ready online platform for life cycle and collaboration management. V6R2011x sustains Dassault Systèmes’ long term commitment to open solutions with its enhanced support of standards such as STEP or 3DXML for data, or SOA for architecture.

V6R2011x is a major step in Dassault Systèmes Universal Services strategy for sustainable innovation to deliver unique 3D, collaboration and content– based services for lifelike experience for all DS targeted markets.

3DVIA V6R2011x delivers 68 new and unique 3D services for 3D Life like experiences applicable in all industries including a special focus in industries such as CPG, retail and energy, or domains such as serious gaming.

V6R2011x collaboration solutions deliver unique values with the award winning V6 3D instant collaboration solution. In addition, Dassault Systèmes continues the beta program of 3DSWYM (See What You Mean), its new cloud solution for community-based innovation driven companies.

Finally V6R2011x delivers the first release of EXALEAD Cloudview 360, the leader in next generation search– based applications. The Exalead Cloudview solution is the only open search– based platform providing the speed, scalability and flexibility inside secured data warehouses or on the web for innovative companies.

Dominique Florack , Senior Executive Vice President, Products Research & Development, Dassault Systèmes, comments, "With more than 900 new functions in V6R2011x, Dassault Systèmes delivers an unrivaled promise, as confirmed by the market and the fast growing number of new DS customers. This new set of rich applications enables our customers to do their jobs with an unmatched capability to innovate and deliver on target. Moreover, with the ENOVIA V6 online platform, the backbone for all V6 applications, Dassault Systèmes insures the lowest cost of deployment and ownership as well as long term investment. Eventually, the acquisition of Exalead for next generation V6 search-based applications comes as a major proof point that sustains our commitment to reinvent the future of PLM, with and for our customers."

Luxion Elevated to Gold Tier in PTC's PartnerAdvantage Program

Irvine, California - Luxion, a developer of advanced rendering and lighting technology and makers of KeyShot™, the first realtime ray tracing and global illumination program, today announced that PTC® has elevated Luxion to the Gold tier in PTC’s PartnerAdvantage™ Program.

Luxion has developed a plugin which connects its KeyShot product with PTC Creo™ Elements/Pro™ (formerly Pro/ENGINEER®), allowing users to create photographic images from their Creo Elements/Pro data in real time. In addition, users can import Creo Elements/Pro data natively into KeyShot on both PC and Macintosh platforms. Luxion demonstrated the plugin at PTC’s launch of Creo on October 28, 2010.

Andy Barlow, Senior Director of Business Development at PTC, commented, “We welcome Luxion to the Gold tier in the PTC PartnerAdvantage Program and appreciate their early demonstrated commitment to future Creo products.”

“We are very honored for PTC to move us to the Gold tier in its partner program,” said Henrik Wann Jensen, Chief Scientist and Co-founder of Luxion. “This recognizes our commitment to the PTC user community. As a Gold tier partner, we can now work even closer with PTC, ultimately providing even greater service and value to our joint customers.”

iray Renderer by mental images Brings Photorealistic 3D Product Design to Life in Dassault Systèmes CATIA V6

iray photorealism, accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs, becomes part of the design process in CATIA V6.

Berlin - mental images announced today that its iray® rendering technology is integrated into Dassault Systèmes CATIA V6, the 3D collaborative design solution. With iray rendering technology leveraging the parallel processing power of NVIDIA® Quadro® and Tesla™ graphics processing units (GPUs) certified for CATIA V6, product designers, engineers and marketing professionals can, right within CATIA, interactively create stunningly photorealistic images of their designs in record time.

“As everyone needs to communicate their ideas clearly and most powerfully, high quality photorealistic imaging has become increasingly essential. With V6, a 3D product is experienced as it looks in real life. Product design and innovation professionals have a strong need for intuitive interactive photorealistic visualization to be an integral part of the design process,” said Jacques Leveillé-Nizerolle, CATIA CEO, Dassault Systèmes. “With mental images’ iray renderer, CATIA V6 gives casual users, visualization experts, and styling review participants the ability to quickly and easily have a visual lifelike experience of their product as well as to produce physically correct 3D images directly from their working environment, throughout the creation and collaboration phases of their design.”

iray rendering technology is available in the CATIA Live Rendering workbench for V6R2011x. It empowers users across multiple industries, including automotive design, industrial engineering, architectural visualization and consumer products design, to create and manipulate seamlessly photorealistic visualization at any moment in the design process without having to wait long for the image to render. High quality product and device styling, design checks and creative marketing materials can be created in a fraction of the time previously required by leveraging the hundreds of parallel processing cores inside the new NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics and Tesla high performance computing (HPC) solutions. Both are NVIDIA CUDA® technology enabled and based on the new NVIDIA Fermi architecture.

iray technology provides easy “push button” rendering for designers and engineers so they can focus on their workflow and not on tedious render preparations. With just a few intuitive settings, users can easily create photorealistic images with perfectly simulated real-world lighting and materials, including the subtle effects of indirect illumination and refraction, which are critical to achieving realism.

"The integration of iray into CATIA V6 brings an unprecedented level of performance and realism to the product design world,” said Rolf Herken, CEO and CTO of mental images. “iray dramatically closes the gap between the conceptual design process and how things actually look in the real world.”

CATIA V6 users can harness the interactive photorealistic rendering capabilities of iray technology through the CATIA Live Rendering workbench, which is now part of the CATIA Rendering and CAITA Industrial Design Products.

Sescoi demonstrates WorkNC Dental automatic dental CAD CAM software at DenTech 2010 show in Shanghai

Sescoi was at the recent DenTech 2010 show in Shanghai to demonstrate its WorkNC Dental automatic dental CAD CAM software. DenTech, in its 14th year, is the Chinese international exhibition & symposium on dental equipment, technology and products and is the major dental exhibition for the country.

By carrying out live milling of a dental part on the Sescoi booth, Sescoi was able to demonstrate to Chinese dental technicians how they could machine crowns and bridges from scanned data with little or no knowledge of CNC technology. The software’s machining wizards, which can generate collision free 3-axis and 5-axis CNC programs with virtually one mouse click, will enable dental technicians to concentrate on their core skills and offer patients the most advanced dental reconstruction solutions. A complete range of dental materials can be automatically machined with the software, including zirconia, chrome-cobalt, titanium, PEEK, and PMMA.

WorkNC Dental is an open system, so it allows dental laboratories to choose the scanners and machine tools which suit them best, increasing flexibility and helping to minimize the cost of manufacture. However Chinese laboratories can also acquire WorkNC Dental as part of a complete dental CAD CAM manufacturing solution from Shanghai Xiangshen Digital Dental Technology Co.Ltd.

Sescoi was delighted with the response from the exhibition. The ease of use of WorkNC Dental, and collaboration with a number of leading international partners within the industry such as Dental Wings, put it at the forefront of dental prosthesis manufacture, making it the first choice for dental laboratories wishing to invest in the latest technology and offer leading edge dental restoration machining techniques.

Geometric Limited upgrades to ISO 9001:2008 certification

Mumbai: Geometric Limited, a specialist in PLM, Global Engineering Services, and Offshore Product Development solutions and technologies announced today that it has upgraded to the latest International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 standard for quality management systems for engineering services. The company was previously ISO 9001:2000 certified.

TUV India (TUV Nord Group company) conducted the audit of the company’s India operations in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, and registered Geometric’s quality management system as fully compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Avinash Salelkar, Vice President and Head of the Engineering Services Business Unit at Geometric commented “We are delighted to achieve this accreditation, gaining recognition for our commitment to quality and to continuous improvement. Quality and excellence have always been our priorities in every customer engagement, and this certification is a testament of this commitment to our customers globally.”

The ISO 9001:2008 registration verifies that Geometric’s policies, practices, and procedures are consistent and adhere to globally accepted levels of quality management.

Being a company working with a global delivery model, its primary quality objective is to ensure that customers receive the same quality of services across the company’s centers spread in India, Romania, China and the USA. ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally recognized standard which specifies requirements for a Quality Management System. It provides a framework for globally recognized elements of quality management, and enhances an organization’s ability to operate in a systematic, efficient, and effective manner.

Nov 22, 2010

CAD Schroer GmbH Introduces Model Engineering with Powerful CAD for Linux and Windows

The 2D/3D CAD package is ideal for model engineers using Linux or Windows, especially if they want to commercialise their work.

Good news for hobby engineers who build models from scratch, or professionals who design model engineering kits: MEDUSA4 Personal, the free version of CAD Schroer’s comprehensive 2D/3D CAD suite, is ideal for creative model making.

CAD Schroer, the global engineering solutions provider (whose commercial software is used on large-scale projects by mechanical engineers and plant designers worldwide) is also keen to support miniature machinery making by model engineers and home shop machinists. Its free MEDUSA4 Personal CAD package runs on Linux and Windows, offers extensive 2D/3D functionality, imports DXF/DWG drawings and includes advanced modules for colour image integration and parametrics. The software is used by hobby engineers in 80 countries.

Making time
Model engineer Chris Sangster, for example, designs and builds intricate clocks using MEDUSA4 Personal. He buys in standard parts, like springs, dials & ballraces, but makes the remainder himself. “Along with general layout and arrangement drawings of a clock, I create detail drawings of the various components, such as shafts with lengths to shoulders, or laying out the details of the escapement, the mechanism that regulates the clock.”

Quick, fully dimensioned drawings for model engineers
Some model engineers work on designs for machined or unmachined kits, or create private designs from scratch. Many have been looking for free CAD software specific to the Linux platform, or for a system that allows them to import existing drawings or images and output detailed designs for use by sub-contractors or parts suppliers.

According to a typical MEDUSA4 Personal user, “Many CAD systems are too expensive, or too complicated, or it’s hard to make a choice….MEDUSA4 Personal is just the ticket. I needed a downloadable, quick program which allows me to get my ideas down on paper without a lot of fuss. I don’t use CNC – I just need properly dimensioned drawings for myself, my customers and for the factory.”

Autodesk Helps Students Win Annual iGEM Synthetic Biology Competition

Winning Team Uses Autodesk Maya Software to Help Visualize Cellular Designs.

Autodesk is extending its design capabilities into synthetic biology, an exciting new field in engineering and design, by helping current and future synthetic biologists visualize their new creations.

Earlier this month, Autodesk sponsored the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition, challenging undergraduate and high school students to design, create and test biological structures. The competition encourages students to create new synthetic biological structures that can potentially lead to scientific advancements, such as more effective, precisely targeted drugs; more precise diagnostic tools for diseases; and even “designer organisms” to perform specialized activities, such as eating pollution.

The grand prize–winning team from Slovenia -- together with four other winning teams, including the University of Cambridge -- used Autodesk Maya software to visualize their projects. This year Autodesk provided iGEM students with free licenses of Maya, the same software used by cell biology visualization studios, as well as film, television and game developers.

Cimatron to Introduce New Motion Simulator Powered by LEDAS LGS 3D

LGS 3D will be integrated into CimatronE’s new industrial motion simulation and analysis solution.

Givat Shmuel, Israel – Cimatron Limited (Nasdaq: CIMT), a provider of integrated CAD/CAM solutions for mold, tool and die makers as well as manufacturers of discrete parts, and LEDAS Ltd, the independent provider of constraint-based design tools, component technologies, and software development services for the CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM market, today announced a new partnership.

Cimatron has licensed from LEDAS the geometric constraint solver LGS 3D and intends to use it within CimatronE software as a part of a new industrial motion simulation solution.

"We worked very closely with LEDAS to create a simulation product that is seamlessly integrated into CimatronE and that provides the right response for our customers," said Roy Sterenthal, Cimatron’s Vice President of Research & Development. "We appreciate LEDAS’s hard work and effort throughout the development of the product, and we are proud of the results that we have achieved."

Cimatron and LEDAS worked together for about one year to develop the new industrial motion simulation solution based on the LEDAS geometric constraint solver LGS 3D and a collision detection module provided by Cimatron. The combined technologies will allow CimatronE users to test the efficacy of their tool design, isolating problems at an early stage to achieve shorter overall design times.

"We have created a product that simulates motion in assemblies and also includes comprehensive collision detection, to cater to the specific needs of CimatronE toolmakers," said Alexey Ershov, Director, Research & Development, LEDAS Ltd. "Testing of the project, demonstrated on industrial scenarios provided by Cimatron, verifies the robustness of our solver for industrial CAD/CAM applications."

"We are very proud that our product has been chosen by Cimatron, one of the top 10 CAM software providers in the world," said David Levin, CEO and founder, LEDAS Ltd. "This demonstrates the high level of value that we offer to software developers, from start-up companies to world market leaders."

The new motion simulator will be released as part of CimatronE 10.0.

3D Systems Sponsors Miami Design Exhibition

ROCK HILL - 3D Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: TDSC) announced its sponsorship of the transFORM Exhibit, taking place from November 29 – December 11, 2010, in the Design District of Miami, Florida. Being held at Luminaire Lab during Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami, the exhibition features extraordinary contributions by both established and emerging international design visionaries with works that are both experimental and multi-sensory.

3D Systems pioneered the use of Additive Manufacturing solutions for the arts and entertainment and now, through its comprehensive 3Dproparts™ network, 3D Systems offers studios, individual designers and artists the opportunity to harness freedom of expression through its complete and affordable suite of design to manufacturing solutions.

“We are pleased to support the transFORM exhibition and sponsor this installation of Vase#44,” said Cathy Lewis, vice president of global marketing for 3D Systems. “Our Additive Manufacturing solutions enable artists and designers to express their creativity through visually striking and unique artifacts. It is gratifying to know that proceeds from sales of this exceptional work directly benefit cancer research,” concluded Lewis.

AWR Adds Product, Application and Tutorial Videos to Engineering TV

Content-rich site compiles videos serving the design engineering marketplace.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif - AWR® Corporation, the innovation leader in high-frequency EDA software, today announced that it has added nearly 55 product, application and tutorial videos on Engineering TV, expanding its social media outlets beyond the current AWR.TV and AWR Channel on YouTube. AWR’s multimedia content covers fundamental engineering topics such as S-parameters, filter synthesis and yield analysis to advanced subjects such as WiMAX mobile solutions and AXIEM™ three-dimensional (3D) planar applications. These videos make it easy to learn more about using AWR’s high-frequency EDA tools including Microwave Office®, Analog Office®, Visual System Simulator™ (VSS), APLAC™, and AXIEM™ software.

Engineering TV offers cross-industry content to a wide range of design engineering groups from Electronic Design to Microwaves & RF, and has generated millions of page views and hundreds of thousands of unique visitors in recent years. “AWR views Engineering TV as an important outlet to reach even more of our users and potential customers by providing content-rich, multimedia videos to help improve the productivity and efficiency of design engineering,” stated Sherry Hess, vice president of marketing, AWR Corporation.

AWR.TV, first launched in January 2009, provides a wealth of multimedia content targeted at the company's broad base of users as well as potential customers interested in learning more about AWR high-frequency EDA product portfolio. AWR.TV brings its software solutions to life. Always on and accessible, AWR.TV has grown to include hundreds of videos from partners, editors and AWR experts alike.

Moores Machine Shop of Lafayette uses Delcam FeatureCAM to simplify programming and optimise machining time

By adding Delcam’s FeatureCAM feature-based machining software Moores Machine Shop of Lafayette, Louisiana, has been able to simplify the programming complex parts and to provide the strategies needed to optimise machining time.

The change to FeatureCAM came after the company had purchased a Mazak VNC510C four-axis machining centre to try and grow its business by producing more intricate parts with complex 3D contours. However, it was soon realised that the CNC programming software the company had used in the past was not up to handling the complexities of the new machine. FeatureCAM seemed to offer a more capable solution.

To challenge the capabilities of the new software, Jerry Bunker, CNC Department Manager for Moores, created a program to machine a replica of Old Texas Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys played from 1971 to 2008. The replica was used to produce rubber moulds that were in turn used to make souvenirs made from Plaster of Paris mixed with concrete from the old stadium. "With FeatureCAM and the four-axis machine, we were able to reduce the time required for programming from 20 to 10 hours and the time required for machining from 100 hours to 60 hours for a total time savings of 50 hours,” Mr. Bunker claimed.

"The individual that was going to make the souvenirs approached us along with a number of other machine shops,” Mr. Bunker remembered. "We were able to offer a better price because we planned to make the complex replica on our four-axis machine.” The replica has a consider amount of detail including tiny lettering and stars on the periphery and the part of the stadium that is exposed through the roof.

On a three-axis machine, a minimum of eight different set-ups would have been required. Four-axis machining saved a considerable amount of time by making it possible to mount the workpiece in a fixture and rotate it so that the entire outside periphery could be done in a single operation. A second setup was used to machine the dome and beams of the stadium, and a third operation was used for the bottom.

"This was the first intricate part that we produced. The four-axis rotary machining centre and FeatureCAM proved to be the perfect combination to produce it efficiently to high levels of quality,” Mr. Bunker commented. "Overall, FeatureCAM has helped us increase our capabilities by taking on more complicated projects. Many of these jobs either could not have been programmed with our old software or would have taken so long that our price would not have been competitive. With FeatureCAM, we can produce these jobs quickly and efficiently, and this has helped us increase our profitability in a challenging economic environment.”

Virtalis Brings Sensics Wireless HMD to the UK

The Sensics wireless zSightVIRTALIS, the foremost European name in Virtual Reality (VR), is bringing the first wireless Head-Mounted Display (HMD) to the UK, courtesy of its partner, Sensics. Company CEO, Yuval Boger, explained: “A completely untethered, integrally tracked HMD has been the Holy Grail of VR experts for some time. We launched the wired and wireless variants of our OLED zSight in the US over the summer and have seen tremendous interest owing to the image quality and integrated microphone, speakers and head tracker. We can deliver 720p and SXGA video with very low latency (roughly 30 milliseconds), so this is really the big problem we’ve solved for interactive HMD applications, the ability to deliver high quality video with extremely low latency. Sensics also offers a flight helmet version which Virtalis will sell as part of its ActiveSpace system in the UK.”

The wireless zSight allows the users to wander through virtual environments naturally, as the only wire is one connecting the HMD to a rechargeable battery pack which clips onto a belt. This allows the HMD to operate for one to one and a half hours on a full battery charge. The zSight boasts 1280 x 1024 SXGA, as well as 720p resolutions and a 60 degree diagonal field of view (F.o.V.). However, where it steals a march on its competitors is in its amazing lightness. It weighs only 450g, or roughly one pound.'

David Hendon, Virtalis’ VR peripheral specialist, said: “The zSight is part of a growing range of HMDs that Sensics has brought to market in recent years and one of the most exciting offerings I’ve seen in a long while. Being partners of Sensics and its software partner, WorldViz, mean we can work with our customers to provide them with a turnkey ActiveSpace system fully loaded with their own virtual environments. I predict the wireless zSight will attract a great deal of interest in the R&D, military and training sectors.”

The Queen Experiences Virtalis Technology

The Queen enjoyed the immersive 3D VR experienceHER MAJESTY The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh experienced Virtual Reality (VR) for the first time yesterday. Instead of actually digging the first sod for the new Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC), as is traditional for an official launch, The Queen activated a virtual digger to do the work remotely. Then the Nuclear AMRC appeared to be built in 3D thanks to Virtalis advanced visualisation techniques.
Her Majesty enjoyed the immersive experience during a visit to the University of Sheffield AMRC with Boeing. The new Nuclear AMRC is a collaboration between the University of Sheffield and the University of Manchester, with the backing of the Government and leading companies involved in building the new generation of civil nuclear power stations. Based on the same collaborative model as the AMRC, the Nuclear AMRC will help UK companies become global leaders in the production of components and systems for the new generation of nuclear power stations. VR will be a key technology at the Nuclear AMRC and Virtalis has been chosen to be the technological partner for this sphere and is designing and supplying the new centre's VR facilities.

The Queen & The Duke experienced VR for the first timeHer Majesty donned a set of virtual reality glasses within the AMRC's MANTRA (Manufacturing Transporter) for the VR experience. MANTRA is a customised lorry and trailer designed to give aspiring young engineers a hands-on experience with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, including a Virtalis ActiveMove VR system used for product design, simulation and training. Virtalis technical director, Andrew Connell, together with the Virtalis development team and AMRC's Dr. Rab Scott, created the VR environment that enabled Her Majesty to deploy the virtual digger and see the finished Nuclear AMRC. Andrew attended the official launch along with Virtalis MD, David Cockburn-Price.

Professor Keith Ridgway OBE, founder and research director of the AMRC and programme director of the Nuclear AMRC, said:"The Nuclear AMRC will take technological excellence into new markets, and help British companies supply the new generation of power stations worldwide."

Professor Keith Ridgway, research director of the University of Sheffield AMRC with Boeing, presents plans for the new Nuclear AMRC to The Queen and The DukeThe Nuclear AMRC building will sit alongside the established AMRC Factory of the Future, on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in South Yorkshire. It will incorporate 8,000 sq m of factory-scale research facilities, laboratories, and office and meeting space. The landmark building is designed by Bond Bryan Architects, and scheduled for completion in Autumn 2011. The manufacturing research facilities in South Yorkshire will be complemented by expanded research laboratories at the University of Manchester.

SURFCAM V5.1 to Showcase at Euromold 2010

Camarillo, CA - Surfware, Inc., developer of SURFCAM® CAD/CAM systems, will be demonstrating the newest release of SURFCAM V5.1 along with the revolutionary patented TRUEMill® Milling Technology at EUROMOLD 2010, the world-wide leading trade fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development in Frankfurt, Germany lasting from December 1 to December 4, 2010.

Surfware, Inc., in cooperation with 3D Concepts GmbH, Reseller of the Year for 2009, will be showcasing SURFCAM V5.1 in Hall 8, Booth F110 during the event. One of the highlights of the four day show will be the LIVE machining demonstrations throughout the day which will show reductions in cycle times of up to 50% in Titanium and Hard Steels (45RC).

Throughout the 4 day event, SURFCAM V5.1 demonstrations will take place to explain all new features and functionality in this new release, which is far more than a service pack. SURFCAM V5.1 contains significant and powerful new features and functionality requested by end users, which makes existing functionality in SURFCAM more efficient and simply faster than ever before. Some of the new features and enhancements in SURFCAM V5.1 are:

* Full Machine Simulation Option
* Advanced 3 Axis Cutting Strategies Option
* 64 Bit Toolpath Verification
* Ability to Open & Machine native STL files
* Enhanced TRUEMill Multi-tool Support with TSRM (TRUEMill Step Reduction Milling) Technology
* "Save As" STL Models for in-process Verification
* Post Processor enhancements for APT code
* Operations Manager Enhancements
* Updated CAD Translators
* Improved memory management for 32 & 64 bit systems
* …plus over 200 improvements

"We are pleased to be demonstrating another feature filled release of SURFCAM at Euromold 2010," says Peter Marton, Vice President of Surfware, Inc. "This new release demonstrates Surfware's ongoing commitment to provide the highest quality, most versatile and cost effective CAM software available on the market today. When our customers purchase SURFCAM, they gain a product that is known industry-wide for its innovation, ease of use and strong customer service."

Tekla and GRAPHISOFT Demonstrate Global Open BIM Workflow

BUDAPEST - Interoperability between GRAPHISOFT’s ArchiCAD and Tekla Structures enables open BIM collaboration between AEC disciplines despite their geographical location. Join a live global webinar on November 23 to learn more.

Throughout the construction project, the building information models of different disciplines need to be coordinated. GRAPHISOFT and Tekla have been working together for years to develop a smooth exchange of building information across the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) disciplines by enabling open communication between their respective software systems. The companies continuously collaborate to introduce new features that allow Tekla Structures and ArchiCAD software users to communicate more efficiently and seamlessly between each other in order to improve the open BIM (Building Information Modeling) process.

“BIM brings unique advantages to the design team when implementing it on a larger scale between different disciplines. However, architects can often run into bottlenecks regarding the complexity of the configuration when exchanging the models and regarding the responsibilities of each party about the changes effected” says Miklos Szovenyi-Lux, VP of Product Management, at GRAPHISOFT. “ArchiCAD 14 includes improved Tekla support for open BIM and we are committed to providing best-in-class workflow solutions with leading BIM providers such as Tekla around the world.”

“Open BIM is an effort we gladly participate in,” says Laura Virros, Director of Project Delivery at Tekla. “We have a close and rewarding relationship with GRAPHISOFT that we intend to maintain in order to enhance open BIM collaboration now and in the future...”

On November 23, 2010, eleven experts around the world from GRAPHISOFT, Tekla, DDS-CAD and Arktec will demonstrate the power of open collaboration without borders through a webinar presentation. Based in Birmingham, Boston, Budapest, Helsinki, Madrid, Munich, Oslo, and Sydney, and using the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server, these colleagues will demonstrate how Delta Server™ technology reduces network traffic to a minimum for instant and reliable data-exchange both within the office and over the Internet.

If you work in a design team as an architect, engineer or consultant and need to coordinate your design with other disciplines; if your operation is geographically spread out or you need remote access to your BIM projects; or, if you are simply interested in seeing the evolution of BIM collaboration happening now, Tekla and GRAPHISOFT encourage you and all interested parties to join this live webinar about open BIM collaboration.

Max Bögl Group extends BIM workflow to include Tekla

As a result of an extensive evaluation process, Max Bögl Group, the largest private construction company in Germany, has decided to introduce Tekla BIM (Building Information Modeling) software solution to their operations. The process of designing concrete elements for construction across the entire company will be handled in Tekla Structures software, including the transfer of data to production planning systems.

The Max Bögl Group was faced with the challenge of optimizing and streamlining processes that had been developed over decades in planning, production, and logistics. To achieve this, their BIM processes had been accelerated and redefined over a period of many years. Their plan focused on integrated, model-based software solutions that could be flexibly integrated into the Group's BIM strategy. After an intense evaluation of the precast concrete systems on the market, the company ultimately decided on Tekla Structures BIM software.

"Model-based project management is a central component of our company strategy. Our planning process is concerned with compiling and using all available information in an efficient manner. So the 3D BIM available is a crucial part of establishing successful project management and a future basis for communication among our project teams," says Andreas Schmid, a procurer at Max Bögl Fertigteilwerke GmbH. "We need a BIM system with a highly parameterized approach that allows us to map our innovative construction products in a very detailed structural model in a cost-effective manner. The ability to load and process large structural models like stadiums or paper factories is an essential part of the system. Tekla Structures fully meets our needs in this respect, with its lean file size, outstanding performance in large projects, and freely definable construction standards.”

"In Max Bögl, we have won an innovative pioneer in the construction industry as a customer – a company that is also a successful trailblazer in the use of 3D BIM software in Germany. So we are particularly pleased about our new partnership with Max Bögl. The decision in favor of Tekla sends a message to many other companies in the construction industry and design engineering offices," says Dietmar Bernert, business manager for the concrete division at Tekla GmbH.

Tekla Structures BIM software transforms building-related data into a fully parametric, consistent structural model for the design and production control processes. All general arrangement and detailed drawings are automatically generated and are always kept up to date. Tekla’s unique component technology allows Max Bögl to easily change its own plant-specific standards (e.g. node details, connections, and much more) at any time and in any way, without having to possess programming skills.

Epicor® Customer Red Bull Racing Wins Both 2010 Formula One World Championship Titles

IRVINE, Calif — Epicor Software Corporation (NASDAQ: EPIC), a provider of enterprise business software solutions for the midmarket and divisions of Global 1000 companies, today extended its congratulations to customer Red Bull Racing on winning the 2010 Constructors Championship and to Sebastian Vettel on becoming the 2010 Formula One World Champion – the youngest holder of the title in Formula One history.

“It’s been a phenomenal season for us and taking home both titles is the icing on the cake,” said Ian Prior, senior manufacturing systems manager at Red Bull Racing. “Everyone at Red Bull Racing and our extended team has played a part in making this happen, and we’re looking forward to defending both titles in the 2011 season.”

“We’re very proud to be the ERP supplier to Red Bull Racing and have been watching closely as the F1 season has unfolded and ultimately concluded with such a spectacular double win,” added John Hiraoka, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Epicor. “What Red Bull Racing has achieved in its six years in Formula One is a great testament to the skills of the drivers and the efficiency of the team that supports them.”

To view how Red Bull Racing uses Epicor visit our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiL0pfDbxPg

Nov 21, 2010

Autodesk Reports 14 Percent Year Over Year Revenue Growth

SAN RAFAEL, Calif -Autodesk, Inc reported financial results for the third quarter of fiscal 2011. The recorded revenue was $477 million, an increase of 14 percent compared to the third quarter of fiscal 2010 and 1 percent compared to the second quarter of fiscal 2011.

“We are pleased with our third quarter results, which reflect the solid progress we have achieved over the past year in driving revenue growth and improving profitability," said Carl Bass, Autodesk president and CEO. “We saw particular strength in our manufacturing business, which experienced strong demand on a global basis. We also delivered double digit year-over-year revenue growth in each of our geographies. Strong revenue coupled with tight cost controls led to a significant year-over-year improvement in profitability. Our relentless attention to building and selling great products allows us to serve our customers well and capitalize on a $14 billion market opportunity.”

Cash flow from operating activities was $114 million, an increase of 145 percent compared to the third quarter of fiscal 2010 and 3 percent compared to the second quarter of fiscal 2011.

“As a result of strong revenue growth and a focus on cost controls, for the year we expect to deliver significant improvement in key financial metrics, including revenue, operating margin, EPS, and cash flow from operating activities,” said Mark Hawkins, Autodesk Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer. “Our revenue growth in the third quarter was well balanced with all of our top countries growing year-over-year. Going forward, we are optimistic about our ability to grow revenue and profitability, though we continue to be pragmatic about the pace of the global macroeconomic recovery.”

“Our revenue growth in the third quarter was well balanced with all of our top countries growing year-over-year. Going forward, we are optimistic about our ability to grow revenue and profitability, though we continue to be pragmatic about the pace of the global macroeconomic recovery.”

GAAP operating margin was 15 percent, compared to 6 percent in the third quarter of fiscal 2010 and 17 percent in the second quarter of fiscal 2011. Non-GAAP operating margin was 21 percent, compared to 18 percent in the third quarter of fiscal 2010 and 25 percent in the second quarter of fiscal 2011. A reconciliation of GAAP to non-GAAP results is provided in the accompanying tables. GAAP diluted earnings per share were $0.23, compared to GAAP diluted earnings per share of $0.13 in the third quarter of fiscal 2010 and GAAP diluted earnings per share of $0.25 in the second quarter of fiscal 2011. Non-GAAP diluted earnings per share were $0.32, compared to non-GAAP diluted earnings per share of $0.26 in the third quarter of fiscal 2010, and non-GAAP diluted earnings per share of $0.36 in the second quarter of fiscal 2011.

Operational Overview

EMEA revenue was $183 million and increased 15 percent compared to the third quarter last year as reported and 19 percent on a constant currency basis. EMEA revenue decreased 3 percent sequentially as reported and 7 percent on a constant currency basis.

Revenue in the Americas was $179 million and increased 10 percent compared to the third quarter last year and 7 percent sequentially.

Revenue in Asia Pacific was $115 million and increased 22 percent compared to the third quarter last year as reported and 19 percent on a constant currency basis. Revenue in Asia Pacific decreased 1 percent sequentially as reported and 2 percent on a constant currency basis.

Revenue from emerging economies was $76 million, an increase of 23 percent compared to the third quarter last year as reported and 25 percent on a constant currency basis. Revenue from emerging economies increased 7 percent sequentially as reported and 4 percent on a constant currency basis. Revenue from emerging economies represented 16 percent of total revenue in the third quarter.

All constant currency calculations remove the impact of foreign currency fluctuations and any gains or losses recorded to revenue within the current period as a result of Autodesk’s hedging program.

Revenue from the Platform Solutions and Emerging Business segment was $174 million, an increase of 12 percent compared to the third quarter last year and a decrease of 2 percent sequentially. Revenue from the Architecture, Engineering and Construction business segment was $136 million, an increase of 9 percent compared to the third quarter last year and 3 percent sequentially. Revenue from the Manufacturing business segment was $117 million, an increase of 30 percent compared to the third quarter last year and 4 percent sequentially. Revenue from the Media and Entertainment business segment was $50 million, an increase of 5 percent compared to the third quarter last year and 2 percent sequentially.

Third quarter operating margins increased significantly year-over-year. The 9 percentage point improvement in GAAP operating margin was driven primarily by higher revenue, reduced stock-based compensation expenses, and the absence of restructuring charges in the current quarter. The 3 percentage point year-over-year improvement in non-GAAP operating margin was driven primarily by higher revenue.

Cash flow from operating activities was $114 million, compared to $47 million in the third quarter last year, and $112 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2011. Autodesk’s cash and investments balance at the end of the third quarter was over $1.3 billion.

Business Outlook

The following statements are forward-looking statements that are based on current expectations and assumptions, and involve risks and uncertainties some of which are set forth below.

Full Year Fiscal 2011

Net revenue for fiscal 2011 is expected to increase by 12 to 13 percent compared to fiscal 2010 and be in the range of $1.924 billion and $1.944 billion. GAAP earnings per diluted share are expected to increase more than 230 percent compared to fiscal 2010 and be in the range of $0.83 and $0.86. Non-GAAP earnings per diluted share are expected to increase by 28 to 31 percent and be in the range of $1.27 and $1.30. Non-GAAP earnings per diluted share for fiscal 2011 exclude $0.24 related to stock-based compensation expense, $0.17 for amortization of acquisition related intangibles, and $0.03 related to restructuring charges, net of tax.

Autodesk anticipates GAAP operating margin for fiscal 2011 to increase between 950 and 990 basis points for full year fiscal 2011 compared to fiscal 2010. Non-GAAP operating margin is expected to increase between 430 and 460 basis points for full year fiscal 2011 compared to fiscal 2010. Non-GAAP operating margin excludes stock-based compensation expense, amortization of acquisition related intangibles, and restructuring charges.

Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2011

Net revenue for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2011 is expected to be in the range of $500 million and $520 million. GAAP earnings per diluted share are expected to be in the range of $0.19 and $0.22. Non-GAAP earnings per diluted share are expected to be in the range of $0.30 and $0.33 and exclude $0.06 related to stock-based compensation expense, and $0.05 for the amortization of acquisition related intangibles, net of tax.

Fourth quarter outlook assumes an effective tax rate of 25 percent for GAAP results and 27 percent for non-GAAP results.

Full Year Fiscal 2012

Net revenue for fiscal 2012 is expected to increase by approximately 10 percent compared to fiscal 2011. GAAP operating margin for fiscal 2012 is expected to increase as the company recorded restructuring charges in fiscal 2011 that it does not anticipate recording in fiscal 2012. Autodesk is not able to provide targets for GAAP operating margins at this time because of the difficulty of estimating certain items that are excluded from non-GAAP that affect operating margin, such as charges related to stock-based compensation expense and amortization of acquisition related intangibles. Autodesk anticipates fiscal 2012 non-GAAP operating margin to increase by approximately 200 basis points compared to fiscal 2011. Autodesk is not providing specific EPS guidance for fiscal 2012 at this time.

Non-GAAP operating margin excludes stock-based compensation expense and amortization of acquisition related intangibles.