May 21, 2010

ThinkDesign GSM technology creates wonders at Stylus Automotive

Bangalore :Think3 Inc, announces its success story with Stylus Automotive, a Transportation Design company in Bangalore. Stylus Automotive chooses ThinkDesign as its main CAD/CAID platform and shares the benefits derived out of the software at its Design Studio. Stylus Automotive was started by India’s first woman Automobile designer/stylist Sanghamitra Datta, in 2006 with the singular vision of creating a uniquely Indian automotive design services and high-end custom built luxury vehicle brand. As a unique transportation design studio in the subcontinent, STYLUS AUTOMOTIVE Pvt Ltd. have been using THINK3 styling software as its software platform of choice, for almost a year now.

Stylus Automotive had key projects in hand and was evaluating the Styling software that could meet its requirements. The goal was to complete the design in a stipulated time frame and the firm had heard about think3’s unique GSM capabilities. Stylus Automotive found that the software offers unsurpassed High Quality Shapes and chose ThinkDesign as its Surface and Solid Modelling software. The core aspects of this shift has been the practical aspect of project planning and execution where the styling, design and engineering teams have to continuously shift from one software platform to another, thus the successful completion of one project entailed the use of various 2D/3D and engineering and analytical softwares. However ThinkDesign offered the design team the flexibility of great performance, time saving and a single point platform for development.

Global Shape Modeling is a dream come true for designers, delivering freedom to innovate while offering a very high-level of abstraction. Although designed for Industrial Design application, GSM has a large range of applications in Mechanical CAD. Combining the best of solid modeling and surface modeling, GSM is poised to deliver an unprecedented boost in designers’ creativity and productivity. It is currently the only creation and modification tool that enables quick and accurate changes in any stage of the design process, accelerating interactions with unlimited creativity and eliminating the need to rebuild models.

ThinkDesign has been used on various applications at Stylus Automotive right from Automotive Lighting Design, Aerospace Concept, Two Wheeler Design and more. Stylus primarily used ThinkDesign for rendering purposes, of highly reflective surfaces and other details of automotive lights. “The output quality achieved was extremely high end, believable and fast. The same quality could have been achieved in other similar softwares over a much longer time , and with more set up complexities than in ThinkDesign” States Sanghamitra Datta, Managing Director, Principal Designer, Stylus Automotive. She further adds “Earlier it would have taken us about 8 to ten days to achieve level one of this output quality, however with ThinkDesign we started gathering deliverable quality within the first 4 hours of our exercise. Also, the simple common sense approach to rendering helped us deliver fast to our client. Such time saving applications are very appreciable in quick low budget turn key projects such as the above mentioned”.

“It’s our pleasure to be associated with Stylus Automotive and we are glad ThinkDesign offered Stylus the right solutions and our customer could successfully derive the ROI. We look forward for more such close collaborations with our customers worldwide” states Mr. Silvano Joly, Executive VP Marketing, think3.

Stylus Automotive is now trying to pursue and apply ThinkDesign more in the design and styling of vehicles both interiors and exterior design, surfacing, detailing and design. Also it’s looking into the application of the software in the field of Aerospace and Marine Interior, Styling, Design and build. These are a part of its future projects and applications. “We are looking forward to working more with GSM and more serious solid modelling aspects. Also down the line we are hoping to synch up our engineering applications to the engineering design components of the applications. This will help us delete too many other superfluous engineering software as well” states the Stylus Automotive Team.