May 18, 2010

MSC.Software Partners With École Polytechnique to Develop a Spine Surgery Simulator to Correct Scoliosis

SANTA ANA, CA – MSC.Software has announced its partnership with École Polytechnique, the top engineering university in Canada.

Through this partnership, École Polytechnique will use MSC Adams software to create a surgeon-friendly "spine surgery simulator" for the assessment of scoliosis instrumentation configuration strategies, and develop an optimization approach to find the best solution for the patient. This optimization approach shows potential to become a practical everyday tool for surgical correction predictions, to test different instrumentation configurations, and to build more efficient (rationalized) instrumentation design.

"Scoliosis is a complex deformity that affects millions of children worldwide. At MSC.Software, we strive to create solutions that improve the lives of people, and this partnership is a great example. I am pleased to support École Polytechnique as they advance the technology available to surgeons and help them more effectively relieve patient suffering from scoliosis," said John Janevic, Vice President of Strategic Operations at MSC.Software.

Professor Carl-Eric Aubin, Ph.D., Professional Engineer at École Polytechnique and Researcher at Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center, agreed. "Adams is a unique software package that allows the students using the Adams platform to easily learn, develop, and test their biomechanical models and surgery simulations. When validated, the models are transferred to the surgery simulator platform using developer's tools. Adams is a powerful research and development tool."