May 21, 2010


New Integration Enables Model-Based Design Support for Open-Source Embedded Tools .

Bangalore – MathWorks today announced that its Target Support Package and Embedded IDE Link products now support the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) and Embedded Linux through the GNU compiler tool chain. As a result, engineers can automate project creation in Eclipse and deploy real-time embedded systems on Linux using automatically generated code from MATLAB and Simulink models. These capabilities enable engineers using Model-Based Design to rapidly implement and verify algorithms on processors that can run Embedded Linux, such as ARM, Freescale, and Intel.

Embedded Linux is the most widely used operating system in embedded devices for consumer electronics, medical instruments, networking equipment, industrial automation, and navigation. Eclipse is an open-source IDE platform supporting tool integration from various vendors; it is increasingly becoming the development environment of choice for embedded software engineers.

“This integration lets engineers using Embedded Linux and Eclipse take advantage of the faster development cycles and improved design quality that are enabled with Model-Based Design,” said Tom Erkkinen, embedded application manager at MathWorks.

Key support highlights include:

* Real-time audio algorithm prototyping on a PC running Linux with audio sound card support using ALSA drivers
* General purpose Beagle board support including the OMAP 3530 processor (ARM 9 and TI C64x+ DSP) with onboard peripherals
* Embedded signal processing algorithm implementation on TI DM355 EVM boards (based on ARM 9) running MontaVista Linux

Pricing and Availability

Embedded IDE Link and Target Support Package are available immediately. U.S. list prices start at $2000 and $3000 respectively. More information, including international pricing, is available at the Web sites for Target Support Package and Embedded IDE Link.