May 26, 2010

Downloads of MEDUSA4 Personal up by 38% for free 2D/3D CAD on Linux® and Windows®

CAD Schroer’s MEDUSA4 Personal™ CAD package, now also for business use, is deployed in 152 countries. About a third of all users are on Linux.

Cambridge, UK : In Q1 of 2010, downloads of MEDUSA4 Personal (the free version of CAD Schroer’s professional 2D/3D drafting suite, used by companies worldwide) rose by 38% in comparison to the same period last year, the engineering solutions provider said today.

CAD Schroer attributes the growth partly to its commitment to regular software updates; partly to the popularity of Linux; and partly to the creativity of small businesses during tough economic times. Its eSERVICES portal allows registered companies to deploy MEDUSA4 Personal free of charge at the office, then convert commercially viable results from Euro 2.99.

The CAD alternative for Linux
“Especially Linux enthusiasts and start-up design businesses are keen to use MEDUSA4 Personal for hobby and commercial projects,” says Managing Director Michael Schroer. “A free powerful drafting product combined with a free operating system make any new project or business proposition much more viable. We’ve had great feedback from users worldwide.”

“The software and its modules meet all the needs for hobby and even small business design requirements,” said an e-mail from Russia, where 68% use Linux, compared with 33% globally. “A very good alternative to a***cad,” said a recent post by a Honduran member of the Warianoz Linux forum, who uses MEDUSA4 Personal to design model airplanes. Latin America has the biggest proportion of users on Linux. In Q1 of 2010, 100% of Honduran, 93% of Mexican and 88% of Argentinean downloads of the 2D/3D CAD software were for Linux.

Impressed with CAD Schroer’s support
CAD Schroer does not guarantee technical support on its free software, but its engineers do their best to answer user questions. “Thank you for your quick support,” said a recent e-mail from a German user, “MEDUSA4 Personal installed without a hitch. I have to say I am absolutely thrilled with this product.”

Top ten
The top ten MEDUSA4 Personal user countries and their approximate proportion of Linux users in Q1 2010 were: Germany (10%), Italy (65%), France (31%), Switzerland (13%), Austria (14%), USA (42%), Russia (68%), Spain (87%), Mexico (93%) and the Czech Republic (73%).

MEDUSA4 Personal Download on Linux or Windows

“We are thrilled about the continued growth of the MEDUSA4 Personal community,” says Michael Schroer. “Our dedication to ongoing product development and our expanding online service offering are a clear sign to users in 152 countries of our long-term commitment to them.”