May 24, 2010

CSI releases DesignDataManager 2010.1

CSI has released DesignDataManager 2010 (DDM), the MultiCAD data and business process solution for 3D modeling design applications. Pro/ENGINEER® SolidWorks® IronCAD® Solid Edge® Autodesk Inventor®.

DDM Solution Suite 2010 builds on the reality of globalisation and outsourcing, offering an affordable and easy way of making your design data available worldwide. DDM RIFS (Remote Intelligent File Servers) and DDM Replicator allow you access to your data wherever you are!

We all know that today’s design- to-market process, data integrity and flow is critical for your business success. Continuous development in DDM has provided answers to some of the most challenging issues facing design functions, in particular handling complex data flows across distributed teams and decision makers. The most powerful data management tools are readily accessed by teams across the business, including manufacturing, design, financial and administration teams. Building on its proven technology DesignDataManager 2010 introduces a universally recognised Windows 7 user interface. New graphical features and taskbar make working with DDM easier and more accessible to all stakeholders involved in the process.

New functionalities to increase search facilities will include:

The familiar look and feel of Windows 7 user interface. The familiar look and feel of the Windows UI encourages users to follow the implementation of DDM across the whole organisation, throughout development, production and processing. Robust integration with all major CAD packages and straight forward user involvement results in a reduction of lost or corrupted data and so minimises bottlenecks, reducing time to market.

Search against all DDM class types - One of the most important areas of a data management system for designers is its search and store facilities. DDM 2010 now offers the ability to create saved searches to folders and a new “favourites” search feature.

Classification real time auto search – Find parts and materials quicker and easier, by searching against all generic part information.

Place Holders Classifications – categorise information within your folder and group objects together using virtual folders to mirror a tree based structure

Speed - Improved File Servers provide reduced load and save times.

Support for latest CAD Releases - DesignDataManager supports the latest versions of Solidworks®, Inventor®, Solid Edge® and IronCAD®.