May 18, 2010

Cimatron Reveals Micro-Milling Secrets at Medical Industry Manufacturing Seminar, Denmark

Givat Shmuel, Israel – Cimatron Limited announced the successful completion of a Medical Micro Milling Seminar, for representatives of over 20 manufacturing companies.

RD Support—a moldmaker that specializes in very small parts, and a Cimatron customer—hosted the seminar, which focused on the manufacture of plastic parts with very small and miniature details.

At the seminar, Cimatron’s service provider in Denmark, NTI CADcenter, presented expert insight into optimal Micro-Milling techniques and strategies. NTI partnered with Bailling Machines, the Danish reseller of Makino Machines, and OSG Scandinavia, to showcase the machines, tools and CAD/CAM software needed to manufacture extremely accurate details on miniature parts.

CimatronE’s Micro-Milling Solution enables safe and efficient machining with very small tools and working at very tight tolerances, in order to achieve an extremely high level of accuracy and surface quality. Performing this kind of machining, with cutters that have diameters as small as 0.2mm, can only be done with a completely rounded toolpath. This type of machining also requires a very accurate “micro-stock”, so that the system can calculate the optimal toolpath and machine safely, while avoiding air cutting.

Several parts, machined especially for the event, were on display, including a 10 mm button, on which a set of tiny pyramid structures, cut with a 0.2mm tool, lay. Seminar participants were invited to inspect results with a microscope, to evaluate the surface quality achieved and the level of detail.

A larger part was also cut from aluminum with OSG Nano Blades, with a mono crystalline diamond cutting end, to achieve an extremely high, mirror surface quality with no need for polishing.

“We very much enjoyed working with RD Support, Makino and OSG to showcase CimatronE’s Micro Milling and standard milling capabilities,” said Niels Riis, CimatronE product chief at NTI. “As demand for effective Micro Milling increases, both in the medical industry and in other industries, we are proud to offer our customers a dedicated solution with proven results.”