May 21, 2010

Bentley Institute’s New ‘Learning Qualification’ Program Helps Users Gain Recognition for Professional Development

Builds on Existing Initiatives That Help Guide, Measure, and Record User Learning.

PHILADELPHIA – Be Together: The Be Communities LIVE Conference – At this gathering of infrastructure professionals, Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for the infrastructure that sustains our world, today announced the launch of an important new initiative from Bentley Institute. The innovative Learning Qualification program helps Bentley users gain well-deserved recognition for milestones in professional learning and skills development. It builds on existing Bentley Institute programs, including Bentley LEARN, that empower infrastructure professionals to advance their careers and infrastructure organizations to secure new work. Among these programs are:

* Learning Paths, curriculum plans that guide users in prioritizing training;
* Learning Units, to measure time invested in improving knowledge and skills;
* Learning History, an online transcript of skills improvement over time.

The new Learning Qualification program acknowledges the skills development Bentley users achieve by successfully completing required training courses on a Bentley Learning Path. To showcase their new skills, Qualified Learners receive a certificate suitable for framing and the right to display each Qualification on business cards, in email footers, and in association with their avatar on Bentley’s Be Communities.

Scott Robison, CAD manager, Indiana Department of Transportation, said, “This new Learning Qualification program is motivating. It’s just what my colleagues need to showcase the learning advantage Bentley Institute training delivers for their professional development within Indiana Department of Transportation.”

Peter Huftalen, vice president, Bentley Institute, said, “We’ve always maintained cumulative Learning Histories for every Bentley Institute learner – from the Institute’s inception over 15 years ago – and we recently introduced Learning Paths to help guide training plans among our wealth of courses. Having laid this groundwork, it’s fitting that we are now awarding Learning Qualifications for our users who complete a Learning Path.”

Huftalen continued, “Likewise, our Learning Qualification program helps firms and other organizations identify individuals with the skill sets they need for maximum impact on the world’s infrastructure projects.”

Todd Lanphear, CADD manager, Traffic Planning and Design, Inc., said, “The new Bentley Institute Learning Qualification program should prove useful when we are competing for work. It’s a way to acknowledge and promote the software skill sets of our teams – which can be a deal-maker!”