Apr 21, 2010

Think3 and SEAC02 announce the "Green Digital Marketing Platform"

Bangalore - To Celebrate Earth Day 2010, think3 and its software partner SEAC02 announce the "Green Digital Marketing Platform." This initiative is a shared project between think3, its customers and technical partners with the goal of providing the international market an innovative platform that is also aligned with the needs of the environment.

With a fully digital approach, think3 continues to confirm its 'Green Company' status, and promote this philosophy to its customers and to the market. Currently methods of sharing pre-released product prototypes throughout different areas of a company are very time consuming and certainly not very 'green.' Physical prototypes alone can be extremely expensive.

Think3's "Green Digital Marketing Platform" is dedicated to making digital prototypes available to technical and non-technical staff during the development phases, as well as prospective consumers in the actual marketplace, be it on-line or in-store. Using today's modern rendering software, in conjunction with Augmented Reality, it is possible for real-time browsing, modification of digital models, potentially leading to a purchase by the consumer.

Choices on final product can be made via the internet or at point-of-sale kiosks in various retail locations. Augmented Reality software is provided by SEAC02, dynamic company from Turin, Italy, leader in the Augmented Reality and the Realtime Rendering markets. During this process ThinkDesign, think3's CAD software, offers unique capabilities for design review, where sales, marketing and engineering members make decisions related to the shape, details and functionality of a product. In the past, any design modifications meant weeks or months added on to the product lifecycle. Now, these modifications can be done in real-time using think3's GSM technology.

SEAC02 has released Linceo VR 3.3, which is optimized for ThinkDesign, and includes rendering, real-time animation, Augmented Reality, and new functions for engineers and designers in the area of "via-web virtualization." Linceo VR is designed to easily share prototypes within the company at a very low cost to the environment, allowing for easy PDF creation and dramatically reducing the need to create expensive catalogs. Augmented Reality allows a consumer to virtually 'try on' a product prior to purchase (for example: a consumer could "wear" a pair of sunglasses selected online at a company's website). This applications is designed to run on normal laptop, iphone and ipad, increasing the accessibility to most various users and giving the consumers a stronger emotional reaction to a given product, and also allows for very interesting and moving marketing campaigns.

Think3 executive VP Silvano Joly says "As of release 2010 ThinkDesign users will benefit -first in the world- of an Augmented Reality output. The GDM platform benefits of the combination of 30 years of experience in the PDP (Product Development Process) with the dynamic and innovative real time rendering and augmented reality platform Seac02 has realized since 2005. Likely our customers will have a huge business and technical advantage using it: in fact they will be able to use the digital assets delivered by the cad for design review, collaborative engineering, marketing and customer interaction. User friendly and reasonably expensive this new platform will be another think3 enabling solution according to our motto think3: software that works." Andrea Carignano -Seac02 founder and CEO- added: "the partnership with Think3 completes our vision of a simpler designing process, letting the designer focusing on his or her ideas and not on technical matters about the software. As of today, thanks to Think3 Design and LinceoVR, any change becomes a realistic visualization of the prototype in real time, the design materializes in the surrounding environment with the augmented reality, product placement and benchmark become instantaneous as well as the sharing of information"