Apr 21, 2010

Surfware Receives 2nd Additional Patent on TRUEMills Engagement Milling Technology

CAMARILLO, Calif - The TRUEMill Division of Surfware Inc., developer of the patented, award–winning TRUEMill technology, announced April 16, 2010 that the U.S. patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued another patent (number 7,577,490) for its Engagement Milling technology.

“This additional patent protects the intellectual property and proprietary technology in TRUEMill for an improved slotting method and a new pocketing method using precutting technology in corner geometry,” says Alan Diehl.

“TRUEMill toolpaths have proven to increase material removal rates in most any material by up to 5X and increase tool life by up to 10X while cutting at a depth of 2X the cutter diameter, in any geometry shape. This results in drastically reduced cycle times, at the same time achieving the highest material removal rates possible. The TRUEMill Division of Surfware will continue developing and enhancing the already Highest “Material Removal Rated” toolpath technology on the market today.”

The principal co-inventors of the Engagement Milling technology are Surfware co-founder Alan Diehl and mathematician Robert (Pat) Patterson.