Apr 21, 2010

Stratasys introduces Eco-Friendly 3D Printing Cleaning System

WaveWash Support Cleaning System is hands-free alternative.

MINNEAPOLIS - Dimension 3D Printing, a brand of Stratasys Inc today introduced WaveWash,™ an eco-friendly cleaning system that dissolves the support material from models made with Dimension 3D Printers.

The cleaning system requires no gloves, goggles or other protective-wear. And the pH level of the cleaning solution generally meets drain water requirements worldwide.

WaveWash was developed to make the 3D printing process nearly effortless and provide a turnkey solution to customers. The cleaning system is as easy to use as a household dishwasher. The system automatically fills with water and automatically drains at the end of the cycle.

The WaveWorks system includes a reservoir to contain solution, an agitation method, and a new cleaning agent called Ecoworks™ that combines with water to create a solution that dissolves the temporary support structure. The Ecoworks cleaning agent comes in individual packets that dissolve and release contents when submersed in water.

The WaveWash system weighs 36 lbs (16.40 kg), has a footprint of only 18.24 x 17 in (48.33 x 43.18 cm) and requires less than 20 minutes of setup time prior to operation. Additional features include:

* hands-free process
* an 8 x 8 x 6 in (203 x 203 x 152 mm) part capacity
* selectable 2 or 4 gallon water level
* selectable cycle lengths

“WaveWash provides a turnkey solution for Dimension 3D Printer users,” said Stratasys 3D Printing Product Manager Mary Stanley. “All that’s needed is a small space, water source and drain, and standard power.”

The introduction of Wave Wash is the latest chapter in Stratasys’ drive to develop increasingly eco-friendly 3D printing systems. The company has quietly made strides in the greening of 3D printing in recent years. Its dedication is demonstrated several ways. All packaging is now 100% recyclable. Model material and support material are both recyclable, and they are contained in recyclable cartridges or spools. Plastic modeling bases are recyclable. And Dimension uses the FDM process, which has the inherent eco-friendly benefit of using only the material necessary to build a part, with virtually no waste.