Apr 14, 2010

MSC.Software Releases Enterprise Mvision 2010

Customer-Driven Usability and Productivity Enhancements Delight Engineers Accessing Materials Data via the Web.

SANTA ANA, CA - MSC.Software has announced that MSC Enterprise Mvision 2010 is available. This latest release delivers significant usability, productivity and security improvements that enable engineering enterprises to better access materials data via the Web for computational modeling and analysis.

"Fast and secure access to comprehensive materials data is critical to performing accurate engineering simulations," said Sanjay Choudhry, VP of Product & Release Management at MSC.Software. "This release of Enterprise Mvision gives analysts better visibility into materials data with improved query access, enterprise traceability and tighter security options for large enterprises deploying materials data across expanded engineering groups."

Enterprise Mvision provides designers and analysts with web-based access to their company's "gold source" engineering materials data in addition to a host of commercially available databases. Enterprise Mvision facilitates fast and efficient search and comparison of materials design options, push-button professional-quality reporting, and traceable export of materials data directly into CAE solvers. Enterprise Mvision installs easily with a selection of fully functional "out-of-the-box" interfaces, yet has almost limitless capacity for on-site customization.

Customer-driven Usability Improvements
Enterprise Mvision 2010 delivers customer-driven customizations and enhancements that improve the robustness and user experience. It boasts enhancements to the "look-and-feel" of the user interfaces, improved handling of large strings and units conversion in complex queries and enhancements to the PDF Report Generator that enable auto-formatting of custom headers and footers for reports with multiple materials.

Improved Productivity through Integration with CAE
Key to the success of Enterprise Mvision has been its robust integration framework for the provision of materials data to CAD and CAE. Enterprise Mvision serves materials data via CAE-integrated clients to upwards of 6000 end-users at some of its larger installations, while enforcing traceability back to approved data sets. For each user, the time required to populate a complex solver is reduced from hours to seconds, offering the potential for man-years of savings per year. Enhancements to the 2010 release enable the use of the Integrated Clients in high-security programs that exist behind firewalls.

Ensuring Global Data Security
Known for its robust security features, the Enterprise Mvision 2010 release includes features that enhance the dynamic query-based security system that literally enforces security changes "on-the-fly". A user whose security credentials have changed can literally be expelled from a user session without affecting other users who are logged into the system.