Apr 27, 2010

Lattice Technology Releases XVL Web Master ver. 8.2

Update Enhances Automation of 3D Manufacturing Data into HTML.

San Francisco, CA.— Lattice Technology® Inc., the standard for digital mock up and technical documentation software in the manufacturing enterprise, today announced the release of XVL Web Master ver. 8.2 – the latest update to its ground-breaking application for automatically creating 3D manufacturing data in HTML. The updated application is available now to customers.

XVL Web Master allows the immediate and automated processing of 3D data with integrated mBOMs, sBOMs, process and work instructions, illustrations and animations. These are arranged onto pre-defined templates and delivered in HTML files that can be quickly used across an intra- or internet for use downstream. The application delivers a deceptively simple interface to a set of powerful automated tools that allow the display and use of the data to be quickly customized to specific requirements.

XVL Web Master ver. 8.2 now supports Windows 7 operating systems, and has been enhanced to support SVG illustrations using the Lattice3D SVG Viewer in the HTML display. These illustrations interact visually with the list data to show the part being studied, or the process being described, to increase clarity for the end-user.

XVL Web Master has improved options and controls to ensure that only valid processes are published from the process tree into the web pages. Illustration processing options have been expanded to allow automated creation of vectors and outlines into the HTML display, and for more automated removal of ‘noise’ from illustrations.

You can watch a video demonstration of creating 3D mBOMs/sBOMs in both Excel spreadsheets (using Lattice3D Reporter) and HTML using XVL Web Master at this link: http://www.lattice3d.com/solutions/work2_demo.html.