Apr 20, 2010

Delcam prepares to meet aerospace buyers at Aerolink Wales in Cardiff

Delcam will promote its machining and inspection software to aerospace buyers at Aerolink Wales in Cardiff on 28th April. Although best known as a supplier of CAM systems to the toolmaking industry, Delcam has diversified into other sectors in recent years. It is now the leading specialist supplier of CAM software to the aerospace industry; a considerable achievement since this was a sector where Delcam had little market share as recently as five years ago.

The increased popularity of Delcam software in the industry is mainly due to the new emphasis on efficiency and productivity within aerospace companies that previously would have simply used the CAM system that came with their choice of CAD software. "With the level of global competition now increasing, those companies are looking at their choice of CAM system much more carefully,” claimed Delcam Marketing Manager, Peter Dickin. "This closer examination often shows that Delcam’s software can give significant savings, both in programming times and in machining times, as well as improving the quality of the finished part.”

Delcam has also seen increased application of its PowerINSPECT inspection software in the aerospace sector. "Quality control is important in many industries but absolutely critical for aerospace manufacturers,” explained Mr. Dickin. "PowerINSPECT has become the world’s leading hardware-independent inspection software by offering an unrivalled ability to compare tooling, prototypes and production parts against CAD models. It is compatible with all the inspection equipment used by aerospace companies, including conventional CMMs, portable arms and optical devices.”

Its growing popularity means that Delcam software has been used, at some stage, on virtually every major aircraft programme in recent years. Delcam’s customers have undertaken projects in all the various areas that go towards producing a successful aircraft, from developing more fuel-efficient engines, to manufacturing airframe components more effectively, and even in designing more comfortable and more attractive interiors. They have worked on all scales of project, from the manufacture of components for UAVs and helicopters up to the production of engines and airframes for the largest passenger and transport aircraft.

Delcam also supports a large number of MRO operations. These companies use the software to enable the fast, efficient repair or replacement of damaged components. By minimising design and manufacturing times, while guaranteeing the highest levels of quality, Delcam systems allow repairs to be completed as quickly as possible, so minimising the lost operating time of the aircraft.