Apr 21, 2010

Autodesk Assistance Program Offers Increased Discount on Inventor for Employers

Program Participants with Autodesk Inventor Certification and Graduates Can Turn Their Student License into a Full Commercial Version for a Fraction of the Cost.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif — Autodesk, Inc today announced a new initiative to provide competitive advantage to displaced workers participating in the Autodesk Assistance Program (AAP) and recent graduates entering the workforce.

AAP Participants who have completed Autodesk Inventor certification and downloaded a student license of Autodesk Inventor software can now bring that license to a new job, at a fraction of the cost to their employer. Employers hiring Autodesk Inventor certified designers and engineers registered in the AAP program can convert their student license of Autodesk Inventor to a full commercial seat, all for the price of subscription and a minimal processing fee, a saving of up to 85 percent over the commercial price. Employers also receive a 25 percent discount on 16 additional products offered through the Autodesk Assistance Program.

Autodesk is also offering the same upgrade program for Inventor Certified students. Postsecondary graduates who have used free* downloads of Inventor by virtue of limited-time student licenses can now take that expertise with them to their commercial employer.

”With Autodesk Inventor software and training of displaced workers and students, employers have access to both skilled workers and less expensive software,” said Tom Cameron, vice president of Americas manufacturing sales at Autodesk. “This is a win-win solution that delivers the digital prototyping advantage through Autodesk Inventor and enabling the design and building of better products in less time.”

“The student-to-commercial license promotion is mutually beneficial to both graduates seeking jobs and employers looking for qualified candidates,” said Joe Astroth, PhD., Autodesk Chief Education Officer. “Being able to directly transition from campus design labs, studios and classrooms into the workforce gives Inventor users a significant advantage. Being able to move those experienced users into positions without having to purchase new licenses is very attractive, particularly in the current economy.”

The Autodesk Assistance Program currently has more than 15,000 participants worldwide, and was designed to help displaced workers in the architecture, engineering, design and manufacturing industries maintain and develop their 3D design technology skills, and improve their job prospects in a difficult economy.

In a recent survey of Autodesk Assistance Program participants, 75 percent of respondents say employers view software skills as one of the most critical assets in a new employee, second only to experience. In addition, many respondents felt updating their software skills would get more job interviews.

For more information about the Autodesk Assistance Program, contact your local reseller or contact Autodesk directly, or visit www.autodesk.com/assistanceprogram.