Apr 28, 2010

Altair adds FTire by cosin scientific software to the HyperWorks Partner Alliance

FTire’s integration to Altair’s MotionSolve enables realistic, full vehicle model simulation accessible under one licensing system.

TROY, Mich – Altair, a global provider of technology and services empowering client innovation and decision making, today announced the addition of FTire to its HyperWorks Partner Alliance (HWPA). FTire, a full 3D nonlinear tire simulation model, is developed by cosin scientific software and interfaces with Altair’s MotionSolve, a mechanical systems simulation solver, which enables realistic, full vehicle model simulations to improve durability and vehicle ride comfort. HyperWorks users can now download the latest version of FTire from the HWPA website at www.hyperworksalliance.com and use it at no incremental cost through their existing HyperWorks software license system. To date, over 340 companies worldwide have joined the HyperWorks Partner Alliance.

FTire is used by engineers in the vehicle and tire industry worldwide for vehicle durability and ride comfort analysis. FTire supports industry standard road input data files for analytical and discretized road surfaces. Coupled with HyperWorks MotionSolve Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) technology, HyperWorks Partner Alliance users can employ FTire’s highly sophisticated tire simulation capabilities for 2D and 3D road surfaces, enabling efficient and accurate system level simulation of on-road vehicles. The Altair MotionSolve-FTire interface can be used for any model simulation of a vehicle equipped with passenger or light truck/SUV tires within a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace and defense.

"The on-demand availability of FTire in the HWPA brings together the benefits of high end tire modeling with MotionSolve MBD technology in a convenient and flexible way,” said Gerald Hofmann, Partner at cosin scientific software. “FTire has established its position as the leading higher-frequency and short-wavelength tire model over the last years. Today, almost every important OEM in the automotive industry is using FTire for critical road loads, ride comfort and vehicle durability simulations. The reduced administrative overhead obtained by using the HyperWorks licensing scheme allows both the end user and cosin to focus on development and application rather than on software and license availability issues."

HyperWorks is a suite of enterprise analytic applications that includes statistical, database, visualization and simulation software to help companies make better business decisions. Its patented HyperWorks Units licensing technology allows users to transparently share software licenses globally across a broad suite of applications. MotionSolve, an application within the HyperWorks suite, is a powerful mechanical-systems simulation solver based on a modern formulation tuned for computation speed and results accuracy. With robust solutions for dynamics, kinematics and statics, MotionSolve provides analysts and designers with powerful capabilities to accurately simulate and analyze complex mechanical-systems behavior and performance.

“Here again, Altair has teamed up with one of its strategic partners to offer our users a fully integrated solution accessible under one simple licensing model,” said Martin Nichols, Altair Executive Vice President of Global Alliances and Operations. “The integration of HyperWorks MotionSolve and cosin’s FTire provides a comprehensive full vehicle mechanical systems simulation tool. Vehicle and tire manufacturers can easily test and implement this technology to significantly improve their tire dynamics predictions. Best in class technology and cost-efficient delivery are the main drivers behind the success of the HyperWorks Partner Alliance.”

The partnership with cosin scientific software brings the total number of applications available under the HyperWorks platform to 57 including 32 third-party software applications such as FTire. These applications enable users to maximize their current investment in HyperWorks licenses by giving their engineers and designers flexible access to a growing pool of leading technology solutions.