Apr 26, 2010

Altair adds DIGIMAT by e-Xstream engineering to the HyperWorks Enabled Community

Material and Structure Modeling Platform Bridges the Gap between Injection Molding Simulation and RADIOSS.

TROY, Mich – Altair, a provider of technology and services empowering client innovation and decision making, today announced the addition to its HyperWorks Enabled Community (HWEC) of DIGIMAT by e-Xstream engineerin, a developer of leading nonlinear multi-scale modeling technology for composite materials and structures. HyperWorks users can now download the latest versions of Digimat –MF, Digimat-MX, Map and DIGIMAT to RADIOSS including the coupling to injection molding simulation codes from the HWEC website at www.hyperworkscommunity.com. They can access the DIGIMAT software listed above at no incremental cost using their existing HyperWorks software license tokens. To date, over 340 companies worldwide have joined the HyperWorks Enabled Community.

DIGIMAT enables users to bring innovative and high quality products to market faster through highly efficient and accurate modeling of composite materials and structures using finite element analysis (FEA). Better models mean fewer prototypes to be built, which in turns lowers the development time and cost. DIGIMAT also allows users to lightweight composite structures, leading to the reduction of induced gas emissions and raw material consumption, while optimizing their mechanical, thermal and electrical performance.

“e-Xstream is very pleased to offer the DIGIMAT suite to the HyperWorks Enabled Community,” said Roger Assaker, Co-Founder & CEO of e-Xstream engineering. “These tools will enable composite material suppliers and users to reduce the time and cost needed to develop innovative materials and structures. DIGIMAT will notably enable plastic suppliers and users to model the nonlinear behavior of reinforced plastic parts taking into account the effects of the injection molding process.”

DIGIMAT is the leading software for modeling composites and it is the industry standard for the modeling of reinforced plastic parts. DIGIMAT to RADIOSS includes the interfaces to injection molding codes (i.e Moldex3D) to enable material and structural engineers to perform accurate and efficient FEA of fiber reinforced plastic parts where DIGIMAT is used to model the nonlinear, anisotropic and rate-dependent behavior of the material also taking into account the fiber orientation, residual stresses and temperatures and weld lines predicted by injection molding, locally on the structure.

DIGIMAT provides accurate failure prediction, micromechanical material modeling, and nonlinear multi-scale structure modeling. It also offers an efficient modeling procedure and intuitive graphical user interface. Digimat-MX, The Material eXpert system has a composite materials database used to prepare, store, retrieve, securely exchange and reverse engineer material models. Map, the Shell & 3D mapping software allows user to transfer fiber orientations, residual stresses, temperature and weld lines from the injection molding simulation mesh to the advanced FEA mesh. HWEC users can access the DIGIMAT suite in conjunction with HyperWorks using their existing HyperWorks Units.

“We are excited to add DIGIMAT to the HyperWorks Enabled Community. The interest from our users in the development of advanced materials has grown tremendously over the past few years” said Martin Nichols, Altair Executive Vice President of Global Alliances and Operations. “This addition is particularly timely since Moldex3D, an injection molding simulation tool, was recently added to our program. The combination of DIGIMAT, Moldex3D and RADIOSS is a very attractive solution to many of our users. We take great pride in offering innovative technology to our customers at no incremental cost through Altair’s flexible licensing model.”

HyperWorks is a suite of enterprise analytic applications that includes statistical, database, visualization and simulation software to help companies make better business decisions. Its patented HyperWorks Units licensing technology allows users to transparently share software licenses globally across a broad suite of applications.

The partnership with e-Xstream engineering brings the total number of applications available under the HyperWorks platform to 56 including 31 third-party software applications such as DIGIMAT. These applications enable users to maximize their current investment in HyperWorks licenses by giving their engineers and designers flexible access to a growing pool of leading technology solutions.